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    Afterfall: InSanity - Dirty Arena Edition

    Various Steam Achievements Achievement How to unlock First Boss Defeated Defeat first boss. First Encounter Finished Finish first encounter. Second Encounter Finished Finish second encounter. Third Encounter Finished Finish third encounter.
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    Arena Football

    Albany firebirdsYou have to finish the Be The Receiver Challenge.
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    Arena: Maze Of Death

    Passwords Status Password Astralnet chemical plant N723PB 0V49WJ GBGYP4 Old warehouse J723P0 T2WL5J GFY2FV Outside zone S72AG0 3R40Y9 48YX7Y Tunnels XT2AG0 3B4AYR 48A97S
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    Quake 3: Arena (PAL)

    [h=3]Quake 3: Arena (PAL)[/HEADING] Ammo Booster AA5B56F0 00007101 P1 Health Single Mode Only FD299CC6 00000064 Health Pick Ups Double Your Health (Good And Bad) 3C0923C0 0000333C All Weapons Do 100 Damage 43721843 0000719C
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    Quake 3 Arena (USA)

    [h=3]Quake 3 Arena (USA)[/HEADING] Inf. Time (1 Player) 1st TierB8A630DD000003E7 Inf. Machinegun Ammo (1 Player) 1st Tier4FAA16B100000063 Inf. Shotgun Ammo (1 Player) 1st Tier9FB8038F00000063 Inf. Rocket Launcher Ammo (1 Player) 1st TierD8588AA700000063 Inf. Plasma Gun Ammo (1 Player)...
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    Battle Arena Toshinden

    [h=3]Battle Arena Toshinden[/HEADING]Typed out by Unknown ----------------------------------------------------------------- Battle Arena Toshinden Instruction Booklet ----------------------------------------------------------------- Safety...
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    Unreal Tournament vs Quake III Arena

    I'm going to give it to UT, but I never got to play it online...Which I really wanna play online....Maybe someone knows what version UT DC is? Then we can maybe some day come across a server file for that version :) Quake 3 is fun online, but I would much rather have UT be online than Q3 :(
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    Propeller Arena Boxed Set

    Saw this the other day. Neat item. Flickr Flickr It's silly, but as a collector, I do get excited about semi-official looking printed cardboard and paper :)
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    Packaging review forPropeller Arena set

    I got in touch with Braze, the fellow who created the Propeller Arena box set that I found a few weeks ago, and I wound up buying a Prop Arena disc set from him (not the entire cardboard box with microphone set, just the disc and all associated art+manual with the CD case). I'm very happy with...
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    Weird Track Name on Quake 3 Arena

    Hello. I was reading a guide on how to test discs, and it said to put my broken Quake 3 disc into an audio player(My iMac). I did that and iTunes showed up. It gave me two tracks: the first one was the "This is a Dreamcast Game" track, and the other... I didn't listen to it, but the title...
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    How is Quake 3 Arena?

    Hello everyone, Ive been looking to get Quake 3 for a while now. Is it good? (offline) I heard that you can play offline with bots to face against, is this true? What is the price it usually goes for, is $9 a good price?
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    Propeller Arena

    Yeah, that game that was never released. Many years ago I saw someone on ebay selling a professionally made PAL copy of that game, in a Dreamcast case, with front, back, a printed disc, and a manual, all made using the same materials as a real Dreamcast game, using leaked scans of what was...
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    Petition for sega to release Propeller Arena on Steam, Xbox Live, PSN and Nintendo Network

    There is a petition for sega to release propeller arena on steam , xbxo live , psn and nintendo network , it would be great to finally see this game playable with online and updated graphics , surely this has a better chance of succeding that the whole dreamcast 2 thing I mean they got 32,000...
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    Where Do I Go To Download Propeller Arena To Burn on a Disc?

    Propeller Arena if you don't know is a cancelled arena based flight combat game that was fortunately leaked on the internet for people to download, burn, & play on their Dreamcast, if you want more info please watch this video Propeller Arena Review (Dreamcast) - YouTube Fun Fact: They Cancelled...
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    Modding Q3 Arena?

    Has anyone made any mods for Q3? Making new maps or even a totally different game using the engine would be great as it is online compatible. I knew there are many mods for Half Life DC but its not online.
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    Reader Questions for Upcoming Redline Arena Interview

    I managed to snag an interview with the former President and CEO of Beyond Games, the developers of the cancelled Redline Arena for Dreamcast, and I'm looking for some Reader Questions to add to the article. If you have any questions you'd like to ask about the game, please post them here. I've...
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    Naruto Arena

    CharactersWin a battle with the indicated character on your team to unlock the corresponding character. Character How to unlock Cursed Seal Sasuke Win with Uchiha Sasuke on your team. Hatake Kakashi Win with Hyuga Neji on your team. Jiraiya Win with Aburame Shino on your team...
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    Digimon Rumble Arena 2

    BlackAgumon Defeat BlackAgumon in single player mode when he surprise attacks you. He can digivolve into BackGreymon and BlackWarGreymon. BlackGabumon Defeat BlackGabumon in single player mode when he attacks you. He can digivolve into BlackGarurumon and BlackMetalGarurumon. BlackGuilmon...
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    Battle Arena Toshinden 3

    Bonus Characters: Put the game on level 0 difficulty and play through the entire game with each character. When you've finished you'll have all the counterparts. Change the game to level 5 (hard) and beat the game with Vermilion to add Sho to the character select screen. Change the...
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    Battle Arena Toshinden 2

    Warp to Final Boss: To warp to the final boss, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Up + Triangle at the title screen.
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