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    Samsung Tizen OS: Upscale Your Entertainment

    Samsung Tizen OS: Upscale Your Entertainment View:
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    Games, Apps and programs that use the Dreamcast mouse/KB

    Ok, so I just got my brand new offical DC mouse and new Seganet keyboard in the mail finaly, but still waiting on my SDLoader to get here from China. I am just curious what all uses the DC Mouse and Keyboard. I know all the classic PC FPS games do, and most modern ones for it like Half-Life...
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    PlayStation 4 voice commands limited to a few basics, not supported by all third-party apps

    Unlike the Xbox One's philosophy with Kinect voice commands that control everything from turning on the console to searching the online store, the PlayStation 4's camera / mic array can only interpret a handful of relatively basic voice commands. The console can't be "woken" while in standby...
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    psp 2001 5.00 m33-6 ,psp turns off when launching isos or apps

    psp 2001 slim 5.00 m33-6 ... When I launch a game or app from xmb ,the psp boot screen comes on and freezes when its about to fade , the only plugins enabled is the stargate.prx (prometheus mod) and m33 6_20.prx (mod for 620 games) no cxmb ,game boots or themes ,using original theme ,so I...
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    Iphone apps on psp?

    Is there a way to doit ? i dont have an iphone nor an ipad nor do i want them.. i like not owning aphone but i foudn a really cool app that the guys who made PSP Rythm have made a Rhythm Studio that is only on iphone and ipad i googled iphone apps on psp and only have found a lists of ported...
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    need help finding useful apps

    okay so once again, i got a PSP Go 6.20 PRO B4 I was wondering if theres: -an alarm clock plugin and/or alarm clock homebrew, -a Weather Homebrew (to view the weather (obviously i know i would need wifi.)). if there is can anybody post links to the right place? please and thank you
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    What Apps can i run on my...?

    What Apps can i run on my PSP-3000 9g with CFW 6.39PRO-B6 and 6.39ME-4 What emulators can i play on it? I want to be able to play GBA and PSX Also I want to play my back-ups on my PSP Mem Stick and use remotejoy. Is this possible for me?
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    PSPKVM apps besides opera mini?

    --My psp info is sigged. I think PSPKVM is very useful, but I have a feeling that most people only use it for Opera Mini, not taking it to it's full potential. I've had it for a while but i just started to tap into some of it's hidden powers.. I find it that 4.3 works better than any other...
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