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    8-Bit Adventure Anthology: Volume One

    Deja Vu: Get more coins when brokeThe game prevents you from ever worrying about running out of coins, provided you can make it back to Peoria St. and back to the basement of Joe's Bar in one piece. Go to the casino with zero coins, and EXAM the slot machine on the right (the one that...
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    Activision Anthology

    Atlantis: Disco ModeScore at least 30,000 points on game 1. Note: This is the same bonus as H.E.R.O.
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    Final Fantasy Anthology - Final Fantasy V (NTSC-U)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Battle back ground digit's. Ace 00-Grassy planes 01-Forest 02-Desert 03-Ruins 04-Lake front (beach) 05-Sunken ship 06-Cave 07-Flooded cave 08-Temple 09-Balcony 0A-Temple 2 0B-Castle floor...
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    Samurai Shodown Anthology (USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top P1 Classic Controller lee4 2817C93A 0000???? Top P1 Wiimote Controller lee4 2817C8DA 0000???? Top P2 Classic Controller...
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    Final Fantasy Anthology (Final Fantasy V + Final Fantasy VI) Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    Big Boost (You need a turbo controller) You can easily boost your characters' levels near the beginning of the Lete River. At the first Save Point, go into the sub-menu. Go to "Cmd.Set", select "short" and Press the X button. You can now place Banon's Health spell in place of the fight...
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    Activision Anthology Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Gameshark codes Must Be On 927781CCAE81 940C3966FC19 4A018B96516F Unlock all Patches 1884CF089DAB 7D4011E6E852 Barnstorming: 1 Barn to Storm E5EB4AF2727B F36A0AD21A0F Stop Timer 94269414EFB4 E7EB99B3D00B Baseball: Have 9 Runs D42A95AB2DA8 7B5A63F64C0A Beam Rider...
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    Metal Slug Anthology (NA) RMLEH4

    For Metal Slug 1 Player 1 Infinite Ammo 007FBB82 000000FF Infinite Grenades 007FBB81 00000063 Infinite Cannon 007FBCD1 00000063 Metal Slug 2 Infinite Ammo 00907A0C 000000FF Infinite Grenades 00907A09 00000063 Infinite Cannon 00909F60 00000063 Metal Slug X Infinite Ammo 00B07DE4...
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    Final fantasy anthology Instruction Manual

    FINAL FANTASY ANTHOLOGY Final Fantasy V. Final Fantasy VI (X) = X Button (C) = Circle Button (S) = Square Button (T) = Triangle Button `- Page -. 1...
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