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    grrr, sometimes pso dc drop rates are quite annoying

    Hunt for the Lavis Cannon / Legit Double Cannon - YouTube That video makes me happy for the person, but the drop rate for the sword is even more annoying. Irony = on bb, it drops for redria 1/22 (i have a hucast redria that is in ult caves and could easily do this hunt...but hes for pso...
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    You know what's the most annoying thing?

    When you KNOW you have a stack of 40 or so CD-Rs somewhere but can't find them. I just want to play Volgarr on my DC.
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    annoying Home screen pop-ups

    hi guys need ur help, my psp's firmware is 5.50 gen d3. Im playing DIssidia duodecim, i noticed recently when im in the middle of the game or fight, a pop up comes out and keeps asking me if i want to go to the home screen without me pressing the home button. i tried other games like dantes...
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