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    Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt

    EdgarsComplete the task in the correct area to unlock the corresponding Edgar. Once Upon a Time Edgars are found in the Once Upon a Time area, Spooky Movie Edgars are found in the Spooky Movie area, etc. Effect - Code King O'Sullivans Mines Edgar 1 - Find 125 Collectables King...
  2. F

    Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt

    Once Upon A Time Edgars Effect - Code Edgar #1 - Find 125 collectables. Edgar #2 - Find all 300 collectables. Edgar #3 - Complete Bo Peep's Close Shave. Edgar #4 - Complete The Wood, the Witch and the Turtle. Edgar #5 - Complete Little Miss-placed Muffet. Edgar #6 - Complete Billy...
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    Animaniacs - Lights, Camera, Action! (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Have Apples MadCatz 86139BF211EC Top Invincible MadCatz 27128BE28DE1 Top Have Apples MadCatz C25152F993A4 Top Invincible MadCatz 635042E90FA9 Top Have Apples MadCatz C683F3F2016A Top Invincible MadCatz 6782E3E29D67 Top Have Apples MadCatz...
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    Animaniacs GameShark Codes

    1. 019570C1 Infinite Time
  5. F

    Animaniacs: Ten Pin Alley Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    300 Game Tournament In the 6th saved game space, enter the following as a name: Vllooma Make the computer throw a foul Press and hold L1 + R1, and press Select, Select, Select. Next press and hold L2 + R2, and press Circle.
  6. F


    Levels 1 and 3 Complete Password: Dot, Yako, Yako, Space, Yako, Dot, Dot, Dot, Wako.
  7. F

    Animaniacs Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Passwords The passwords below represent a 3 x 3 matrix of pictures. Key D = Dot (girl wearing flower) W = Wakko (boy wearing hat) Y = Yakko (boy with no hat) - = blank Easy Game Scene 1 completed Y W - - - - D - - Normal Game Scene 1 completed. D D D - - - Y W -...
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    Animaniacs cheat codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Squash Ralph To squash Ralph you must have more than one character available. First you jump on Ralph. Then quickly push the button to stack your characters.
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    Animaniacs Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Animaniacs DFC8-3D0C Every coin gives you 999 saved slot rotations D4CE-37AC Every second coin gives you 99 continues D9CE-37AC Every slot machine roll gives you 99 continues CBBF-47DA + D6BF-470A + DFBF-476A Super jump and float
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