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    Shmups that use the analog joystic?

    Hey everyone, since I got my moded controller, I have been playing a lot of Cannon Spike, and I really like it a lot. My favorite thing about it is that it is in 3D and uses analog. I want to know what Shmups use analog, are 3D and DON'T use tate mode(sideways screen or with borders). I guess...
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    Dreamcast analog thumbgrips for sale on Ebay

    Ever since I got the Dreamcast at launch I was forever trying to find/make a thumb grip for the analog stick as my finger would easily slide of which would effect my accuracy within games. This was a common issue amoungst my friends aswell. A few years ago I bought these thumb grips from Ebay...
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    What grips fit the Dreamcast analog stick?

    In 2011, there were a few posts about some Wii Nunchuck analog stick grips, that apparently fit the Dreamcast's analog stick perfect. Alas, these grips no longer seem to be available, and I would really love to pick up some grips for my DC gamepad. Does anybody know of any other grips that fit...
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    Crazi Taxi: Analog stick or D pad?

    Hi there, There is a Dreamcast at my work (offshore) and I have been playing Crazy Taxi recently. When I used to play the Dreamcast when I was younger I always used the D-Pad for everything that I could (I still do). I really didn't like the analog as my thumb always slipped off it...
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    RARE PSP problem analog stick

    Hello gyus!!!! I have tha same problem as in the video.....can any boby help me??!!
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    Not is a common analog stick problem

    The analog doesn't move. I'm sure that rubber is in contact with mobo and analog. I tried everything. I tried to solder the analog with mobo, but no sucess. What can i do? new firmware? Pandora? everything except new motherboard. I apreciate your help.
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    Analog stick rubber contact strip

    I'm repairing a PSP 2000 thats analog stick stopped working. I'm pretty sure it's just the rubber strip that's gone bad but I don't want to leave my customer waiting. I was wondering, can I use the contact strip from the analog stick in my 1000 in his 2000? Also, has anyone had any luck with the...
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    Trouble with your analog stick drift: look on this -->

    I have problem with my new PSP FAT , the analog direction somtimes is move by itself !! ( i cant play games correctly, my character would always drift to the left ) new one and versy fast problem , what this i try to search in internet , then i find intrested thing : if you read PSP manual...
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    i need psp analog stick caps

    no one sells the psp1000 analog caps anymore except dealsxtreme that i have seen but i need them for a long trip that i am going on wednesday and i dont think they deliver that fast. anyone know where else i can get them along with a good psp grip?
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    Analog stick problems..

    My problem is that if i pull my analog stick to edge right it won't work. Up, Left Down works. Best example is god of war. Playable if I wont nudge stick fully to edge. Circling stick around fully and Kratos stops or walks up/down when pulling right. All other directions work flawlessly. Slim...
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    Drifting analog stick - or not? Mystery...

    My PSP has all symptoms of a defect analog stick: in GTA the character runs around in circles without me touching any buttons and in Assassins he will walk forward all the time... So I replaced the analog stick, switched on - and the problem persists. I then removed the analog stick completely...
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    help on fixing PSP 2000 analog nub

    hi guys, when i bought my psp (2000 model) it came with a defect, it was so tiny and so irrelevant that i didn't care about it so i never send it back for repair... years later (now) the problem seems to have gotten worse and i want to fix it its the nub, if i leave it alone for a couple of...
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    Analog Drifting,But No Analog?

    Hi All,new here :). firstable i maked a video to describe it as much as possible (sorry for bad quality): as you see there is only the rubber thingy,no analog stick because mine is broken but it always drifts down,but it responds if i touch it with a...
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    Need help w/ my analog...,

    I dont know if its already malfunctioning or it just needs some cleaning..., while I'm playing and I point it upwards it sometimes doesn't response properly and somtimes goes to the opposite direction..., but when i point my analog to left, right and down it still works properly...,
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    PSP Phat Analog Stick Problem

    I've done a search and looked at the various guides, but none can answer my question. I recently changed out my analog stick as it was jerky and uncomfortable to use. I bought one off ebay, switched it out no problem. When I started my PSP up I could only use up and down, left and right wasnt...
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    PSP 1000 analog stick problem

    My analog stick broke and i bought a replacement and a rubber connector on ebay. I opened my psp and added the rubber and replaced the analog stick and it is still not working. it drifts on its own and its not working
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    Analog moves Left and Right but not Up and Down

    EDIT So, new problem. I, for the first time, opened up my PSP to get my old faceplate back on because it was better. Now the thing is, the analog does not respond to Up and Down but moves left and right only. Also, it's drifting downwards even without the analog. So, I tried JoySens. Yes, it...
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    PSP analog stick messes up. It works when I clean but messes up again

    Hey all! After spending some money getting my PSP-1001's faceplate, buttons, analog and the ring replaced. My analog was VERY faulty before, so I had it fixed. Finally, it worked but it messed up again. So, I opened it up cleaned the rubber with a tissue and the analog worked perfectly. But...
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    Replacement Analog Stick

    I searched before posting and the threads I found were old enough for me to wonder if they were still relevant. Where do you buy your parts for PSP? When I purchased my 1001, it had a (supposedly) new analog stick, purchased from Amazon. Just over a month in and it is broken... Is there such...
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    Replacement Analog Stick

    I searched before posting and the threads I found were old enough for me to wonder if they were still relevant. Where do you buy your parts for PSP? When I purchased my 1001, it had a (supposedly) new analog stick, purchased from Amazon. Just over a month in and it is broken... Is there such...
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