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    Mario Party: Star Rush

    Diddy Kong Reach Level 11 or scan a Diddy Kong amiibo.
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    3 Game Tickets Show a Villager Amiibo, Digby Amiibo, Timmy and Tommy Amiibo, Mabel Amiibo, Lottie Amiibo, OR Blathers Amiibo.
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    Metroid Prime: Blast Ball

    Amiibo Paint Jobs Below are the current Amiibo Paint Jobs in this game, whether or not they add more in the full game who knows. Any other Amiibo will give the "Skull" paint job. To use Amiibo to unlock these paint jobs: Select "Customize", then "Paint Jobs", then press Y and scan any of the...
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    Shenmue in the Northwest and Amiibo

    Just a PSA if anyone is looking for a PAL version of Shenmue 2 there is one sitting at the "Another Castle Videogames" shop in Lynnwood Wa. It looks complete and in good condition. The only reason im mentioning it here is because they are only asking $99 which I gather is alot cheaper than...
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