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    TURBO OUT RUN (Sega - Arcade - 1989) RETRO DANUART

    The sequel to the legendary original arcade opts for a set route point-to-point race across America in which weather conditions are another new feature, with both snow and rain having an adverse effect on driving conditions and car handling.
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    Captain America and the Avengers - Action Replay Codes [US]

    The following are known Action Replay Codes for Captain America and the Avengers on Super Nintendo (SNES). These codes are for the U.S. version of the game. Player 1: Infinite Health 7E022663 Player 1: Invincibility 7E16A820 Player 1: Infinite Lives 7E022909 Player 2: Infinite Health...
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    Captain America and the Avengers

    Avoid Red Alert, before the third boss battleThe Red Alert is a mini-boss battle where you step on it and you have to battle the mini boss. To avoid the Red Alert, do the following step: Before beating Wizard, you beat Montgomery stage and before you go to the red alert which is in the...
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    Captain America: Super Soldier

    Game ID:BQNE-e0a9f137 HERO METER CODES: Full Hero Meter (Press L) 94000130 000001ff 2230389a 00000006 d2000000 00000000 Hold L+R to Empty Hero Meter 94000130 fcff0000 2230389a 00000000 d2000000 00000000
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    Assassin's Creed 3 interview: 'Everyone was British in those days... there was no America yet'

    Ubisoft's lead writer on (not) rewriting history... The writers behind the Assassin's Creed series pride themselves on their historical authenticity. One of the game's chief scribes once told us 'if it can be found on Wikipedia within a few minutes, it has to go in the game'. Click...
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    Captain America: Super Soldier

    Codes by: AsPika2219, Buleste !!!Captain America: Super Soldier (U) !!BQNE E0A9F137 ::Max Score 02180BDC 000F423F ::Health Never Decrease D9000000 02303844 D6000000 02303840 D2000000 00000000 ::[SELECT]Refill Health 94000130 FFFB0000 D9000000 02303844 D6000000 02303840 D2000000 00000000...
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    Captain America and the Avengers (U) [!] game genie and Pro Action Replay Codes (for Sega Game Gear)

    Pro Action Replay codes: Infinite Lives - 00C320:64 Infinite Health - 00C320:50 -Rune Invulnerability - 00D4F9:00 Game Genie codes: Invulnerability - 007-93D-B31
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    18 Wheels of Steel: Across America

    Get $110.000 At the start menu, start out easy. When started press n and go to econemy. Then at the bottem it says loan $10.000. Press it 10 times. Money, prestige and all dealers and drivers Open the file My Documents18 WoS Pedal to the Metalconfig.cfg with Notepad or a similar text...
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    Captain America Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    14 lives You must have 2 controllers when you do this. When you turn on the game go to the option screen and set the extra life thing to 7 after that start the game and when your on your last life take controller 2 and press start. Make player 1 get a game over then you well have 7 more...
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    Captain America and the Avengers

    011-DDF-E66 Start with 1 lives 0A1-DDF-E66 Start with 10 lives 005-CCE-3B7 Infinite energy 99A-29F-7FB Start with energy at 153 FFA-29F-7FB Start with energy at 255 22A-29F-7FB Start with energy at 34 017-748-D5A Enemy bullets do very little damage 197-748-D5A...
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    Captain America and the Avengers game genie codes (for NES)

    Captain America and the Avengers SZSULYVG Infinite continues GPNXIUZA Large power stones worth 20 points TPNXIUZE Large power stones worth 30 points ZLNXIUZA Large power stones worth 50 points ZAUZILPE Small power stones worth...
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