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    No Man's Sky - Worlds Part 1 Update Trailer | PS5, PS4, PS VR2

    No Man's Sky - Worlds Part 1 Update Trailer | PS5, PS4, PS VR2 View:
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    Alien Rogue Incursion - First Gameplay | PS VR 2 Games

    Alien Rogue Incursion - First Gameplay | PS VR 2 Games View:
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    Hot Wheels Unleashed™ 2 - Alien Encounters Expansion Pack

    Hot Wheels Unleashed™ 2 - Alien Encounters Expansion Pack View:
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    Contra: The Alien Wars ending

    Contra: The Alien Wars - Gameboy - ending Developer: Factor 5 Manufacturer: Konami Year: 1994 Genre: Platform / Shoot 'em up (multi-scrolling) Maximum number of players: 1 No. of levels: 6 Difficulty: medium / high Start over once finished: no
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    Alien 3

    Bonus trailerEnter the "Special Features" menu and select the "Making Of" option. After the documentary is complete, another trailer for the movie will begin. The bonus trailer includes scenes that were deleted from the final version of the movie.
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    Alien's life-cycleEnter the "Extra Features" screen and press Down to highlight the acid pool at the bottom of the screen. Press Enter to view data compiled by Kane regarding the alien's life-cycle.
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    Alien Syndrome

    Extra livesOpen a "?" container while having exactly 100,000 points. All such containers will award an extra life for as long as you score no additional points. To farm lives, do this for all of the "?" containers on a stage, then let the timer expire to repeat it. This works best on stage 4.
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    Alien Syndrome

    Configuration menuOn the title screen, press buttons 1,2,1,2 to access the configuration menu.
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    Alien 3

    Extra ammoGet a high score and enter your name as CHEAT to get extra ammo.
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    Alien Syndrome

    Level selectPress Down + Start on controller one and Right on controller two simultaneously.
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    Alien Asylum

    Level SelectAt the Title Screen, hold Up and Left and press A, B, and Select at the same time. Use Up and Down to choose your level and press Start to begin.
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    Alien Hominid (GCN/AR/NTSC-U)

    Alien Hominid [DOL-GAHEGG-NOA]; Game-ID: 53A (m) [Ralf] NVVE-JBWR-62ZA3 JZ1D-681G-AKHNY Unlock All Hats [Ralf] 56W8-67A0-0NZ1Q VA0T-ZQQ9-7K8KV Unlock All Levels [Ralf] KFRB-11T3-VQAMW XCWN-1MUU-2A556 Unlock All Mini-Games [Ralf] ZH9F-FM9G-13NZK YKWP-0PRF-FM6XC Infinite Lives [Ralf]...
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    Alien Hominid (GCN/WIIRD/NTSC-U)

    Unlock All Hats [Ralf] 004F5C41 001E0001 Unlock All Levels [Ralf] 004F5C60 00120009 Unlock All Mini-Games [Ralf] 044F5C74 03010101 Infinite Lives [Ralf] 06003900 00000010 281A026D 41820008 48041699 48040E40 04044748 4BFBF1B8 Infinite Continues [Ralf] 06003E00 00000014 7FE5FB78 281A01B5...
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    Alien vs Predator on DC

    Hey all After reading on another site that AvP on DC would be possible - I was told that you would need the source code to make a copy for the DC. I have found the source code - is there anyone here (or do you know any good programers) that could use the code and make the game? I would be...
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    Alien Front Online question

    Is there any way to unlock more maps or game modes in arcade mode? It keeps repeating the same 3 maps and it's always TDM with 15 points. I thought that maybe playing the maps in campaign would unlock them but it hasn't. Does anyone know?
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    Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cwcheat [ULUS-10542]

    anyone wants to fully upgrade your aliens, you need to 1st complete the game. [its a really easy game, it took me less than a day to complete] then use this cwcheat code ONCE. 0x213FF3C4 0x65083000 enable, upgrade one level of any alien and see your DNA value go up. then disable cheat. dont...
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    Alien Zombie Death [NPEZ-00115]

    _G NPEZ-00115 _S Alien Zombie Death _C0 Inf. Health All Levels _L 0x617FE178 0x00000000 _L 0x00020001 0x00007324 Credits to jjoao and Demon God of 1htgmr
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    Alien Syndrome

    These codes are for Cheatmaster. If anyone can convert them to cwcheat then plz do. I have both Cheatmaster and Cwcheat so i use both. Cheatmaster is much better for hacking games. Anway here are the codes. Loads of STAT POINTS 005E3E26 0X00000049 Loads of RP 014AF87E 0X0000008F NO EXP...
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    Alien on the Run

    New Zones and FeaturesEscape zones and areas to unlock new zones and features. Zone How to unlock Anti-Tractor Beam Escape Danger Zone. Aqua Delude Escape Monster Beam Zone. Beige Delude Escape Speedwalk Zone. Big Surprise! Zone Escape Surprise! Zone. Black Delude Escape...
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    Alien Isolation

    Alien Isolation BLES INFINITE FUMIGENE 0 300A871C 00000008 0 37E58A48 00000008 INFINITE MEDIKIT 0 300A86F4 00000008 hacked by Eltyran
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