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    (Request) Japanese Airwolf nes game genie codes

    I need nes game genie codes for the Japanese Airwolf game please. I was surprised to see this is different from the North American version of the game.
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    Airwolf game genie codes (for NES)

    Airwolf PAUGVILA Start with 1 life TAUGVILA Start with 6 lives PAUGVILE Start with 9 lives PVXKKKLI Start at last mission reached TPVAPXYE Start with 30 missiles IZVAPXYE Start with 45 missiles GXSZAPVG Start...
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    Airwolf Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Level six and seven hint When you get to about the six or seventh level, it get's pretty tough. When you fly into a small area, be careful not to fly out of the lines, if you do, your speed will be "0" and you'll end up in a completely different direction than the way you went in. Then all the...
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