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  1. F

    Army Men: Air Combat

    Level passwords 02 - Box, Cross, Box, Box 03 - Rocket, Rocket, Rocket, Cross 04 - Patch, Rocket, Box, Box 05 - Cross, Patch, Cross, Rocket 06 - Helmet, Rocket, Patch, Helmet 07 - Box, Cross, Rocket, Cross 08 - Rocket, Patch, Cross, Helmet 09 - Patch, Patch, Rocket, Rocket 10 - Cross, Helmet...
  2. F

    Air Force Delta ending

    To see all credits roll images you must go through this brain washing repetitive music :D Played and recorded by V.E.D., as part of the videogame endings database, whose goal is to catalogue and create the world's largest archive of videogame endings! (what an humble and not ambitious...
  3. F

    Army Men Air Combat

    Level passwords: 02 - Box, Cross, Box, Box 03 - Rocket, Rocket, Rocket, Cross 04 - Patch, Rocket, Box, Box 05 - Cross, Patch, Cross, Rocket 06 - Helmet, Rocket, Patch, Helmet 07 - Box, Cross, Rocket, Cross 08 - Rocket, Patch, Cross, Helmet 09 - Patch, Patch, Rocket, Rocket 10 - Cross...
  4. F

    G-LOC Air Battle game genie and Pro Action Replay Codes (for Sega Game Gear)

    Pro Action Replay Codes: Infinite Time - 00DFCC:0A -Datel Invincible Armor And Infinite Fuel - 00C2C9:1F -Datel Game Genie Codes: Infinite missiles - 002-E5E-E6E -Galoob Each enemy target counts as 5 - 050-16E-EFE -Galoob Each enemy target counts as 8 - 080-16E-EFE -Galoob Each enemy target...
  5. F

    Bravo Air Race

    Bonus Planes To get the F16 and the Stealth, at the title screen press and hold R1 and L2 on controller two, then tap the Select button 20 times. An electronic noise will sound if done correctly. Change the GeeBee's Stats At the Loading screen with the little airplanes flying across...
  6. F

    Big Air

    Accolade Board At the main menu, quickly press Right, Left, Right, Left, Square, Circle(2), Square. Then at the board selection screen, choose the Pitbull. All Courses At the main menu, quickly press Right, Left, Right, Left, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, then select any freeride mode...
  7. F

    Air Race Championship Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    Foo Fighter Beat the game with the Light Flyer and Leo Copter in Unlimited, Mirror or Reverse modes. Leo Copter Beat the game with the good ending in Unlimited, Mirror or Reverse modes. Light Flyer Beat the game with the normal ending in Limit 500 or Unlimited modes. The Fly Beat the game...
  8. F

    Air Combat 2 Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    Alternate Mission Mzp View Highlight the mission option on the mission select screen and press select. Three new viewing angles can now be chosen. | [Sent by KiwiDude] Model Display By completing the game with a ranking General, you'll open up this new feature on the options screen. It...
  9. F

    Air Combat Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    Remove captions (Japanese version) Pause game play, press L1 or R1, and resume the game. The Japanese text on the right side of the screen will disappear. | [Sent by Neto] Skip mission overview (Japanese version) Press Triangle and Start. | [Sent by Neto] Various Codes Before the "Now...
  10. F

    Army Men: Air Attack Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    All co-pilots Enter Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down as a password. Infinite items Enter the password: X, Square, O, O, Square, O, O, R1, R2. Level Passwords 4 - Down, Down, Square, Square, Left, Right, Circle, X 6 - Square, Circle, X, Square, Triangle, Left, Up, Right
  11. F

    Army Men World War Land Sea Air Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    First mission walkthrough On the first mission, there will be a few men of your own fighting against the tan army. first run up and grab the first three grenades, you'll need them later. Kill all about 5 tan men and quickliy move up where there are 2 to 3 tan men. Kill those three and run...
  12. F

    Army Men: Air Attack 2 Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    Level Passwords Granted Level - Password 3 - Triangle, Circle, Down, Left, Square, Square, Up, Up 4 - X, Right, Left, X, Circle, Square, Square, Triangle 5 - Down, Down, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Right, X 6 - Triangle, X, Up, Left, Right, Left, Circle, Triangle 7 - Right...
  13. F

    Air Raiders Cheat Codes (for Atari 2600)

    Landing Landing is a bit trickier, and probably the most difficult aspect of "Air Raiders". What you need to do is descend to 0 feet. Do this slowly,taking the last 3000 feet one at a time. Cruise at 0 feet for a few seconds and your see the runway. Now do the most counter-intuitive move...
  14. F

    Air Trix Cheat Codes (for Arcade)

    Get 2 new characters On the character selection screen hold the left (<) and the right(>) buttons and then press Start. You should now have 2 new skaters.
  15. F

    Air Zonk Cheat Codes (for Turbografx)

    Expert mode Hold Right and press Select at the configuration screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. | [Sent by Matrix] Sound test Hold I + II + Select and power on the game system. | [Sent by Matrix]
  16. F

    Air Warrior Cheat Codes (for 3DO)

    Air Warrior Cheats Enter the codes while the game is paused. Code - Effect aircraftfreeforall - free aircraft rasta - opens up cheat mode
  17. F

    Air Force Delta

    Easy tower kill When in a mission, after you get to your objective, you can take out the machine gun towers with one hit. To do so you have to be below 150 feet, or have CAUTION flashing on your screen. So when you are low enough and in target range you can take out the towers with one missile.
  18. F

    Air Buster

    1 ACST-AAFT Infinite stock for player 1 2 ACYT-AAE0 Infinite stock for player 2 3 ACTA-AACJ Infinite credits for player 1 4 ACZA-AABR Infinite credits for player 2 5 AJGT-AACJ Start on phase 2--player 1 6 ANGT-AACJ...
  19. F

    Air Zonk

    Expert Mode On the configuration screen, hold right & press select.
  20. F

    Air Rescue

    Test Mode Hold 1 + 2 and power on the Sega Master System. Sweep the D-pad clockwise when the introduction sequence begins. Release the buttons and the D-pad when a confirmation sound is heard. Then, press 1 to enter test mode.
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