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    Agetec Dreamcast Arcade Stick

    Is it true that you can't use the Japanese Import arcade stick on the US versions of the dreamcast? I thought all controllers worked on any system no matter the region.
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    TUTORIAL Agetec stick full Sanwa MOD

    i saw a lot of tutorial here (very very nice) but nothing about the official sega dreamcast arcade stick or modding about it.... I hope it could been of help to someone who wants to try it.....i did this video tutorial of my full sanwa mod on my agetec....the original agetec is very...
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    Agetec HKT-7300 Sanwa Mod Guide

    Hi Everyone, Just posted a new video on modding an existing HKT-7300 with a full Sanwa setup. There are some decent written guides on the web, but as far as I am aware there isn't a decent visual demonstration. This guide isn't perfect, but it should give you most of the steps and challenges...
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