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    Interview with Frederick Raynal on Agartha

    I recently sent an email to Frederick Raynal, former head of No Cliché, who you may know from the Dreamcast games Toy Commander and Toy Racer. Some of you may also know that the same team was working on a new survival horror game called Agartha. I've always been very curious about this game and...
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    Agartha ?

    Although nearly everybody in the community knows about the cancelled dreamcast game agartha I just wanted to share some footage that some people maybe haven't seen before, I've only seen screenshots and 30 second clips of the game and this video has parts of the game i've never seen before ...
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    Agartha has been found

    Aartha seems to have been found by one user at the assembler forum:agartha dreamcast | ASSEMbler - Home of the obscure. uts very early but its running and interactive.Its nice to see how cool it would have been.Dreamcast junk yard talks more about it The Dreamcast Junkyard: Playable Demo Of...
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