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    AeroFighters Assault

    8127CC00 0001 Slow Game 8027E017 000A Infinite Chaffs 8027E4D2 0002 Infinite Special Weapons 8027CCEC 0010 Always Have F-15J Eagle 8027CCED 0020 Always Have X-29A A.T.D. 800459A6 ABB7 Stop And Go 800459A9 ABB7 8127CC27 000x Highlighter On Menu Is Stuck On Modifier...
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    Aerofighters Assault Cheat Codes (for N64)

    Third level boss tip Sent in by Imrik On the 3rd level, the one with all the bombers. There is a way to beat the Boss without getting hurt, it would help to clear some of the many bombers but if you don't have time, you will get a little hurt. First get to the highest elevation you...
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