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    7 of the most addictive n64 games

    1. Super Mario 64 2. Banjo Kazooi 3. Banjo tooie 4. Donky Kong 64 5. gex 3 6. Godeneye 007 64 7. Torok Dinasor hunter
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    What was the most addictive super nintendo game for you?

    Simple, what title on the snes was the most addictive game for you ever? For me it would definitely be final fantasy 2 (nowadays we all call it final fantasy IV due to it being the fourth final fantasy game released, final fantasy 2 was released in japan only for the nes console:razz:.) This...
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    Most Addictive n64 Game?

    Super Smash Brothers man! I've spent more hours on this than I have on any other N64 title or fighting game in general. I think its because of the gameplay. It was simple addictive (fun). My friends would come over in packs, the room wuld turn into an arena. I was always winning lol...
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