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    How to add Prometheus 4 on PSP???

    Me again..I am trying to add Promethues 4 (to play God Eater Burst and maybe a few other ISO/CSO's) but when I downloded it and put it in my PSP>GAMES folder..I didnt see it? Im using 5.50 GEN D (full) and PopsLoader full pack for 5.50 GEN , PSP 1000 series. Any ideas? HoustonTX224
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    Can't add DLC.

    I have a psp 2000 slim with CFW 5.50 Prome-4. I downloaded a European Lord of Arcana iso and put it on my psp. I downloaded the European dlc with media go, but when i try and transfer it to my psp i get this error: "An error occurred during communication with the server(80048A24). So i...
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