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    Is any broadband adaptor better than another?

    Right after selling my broadband adaptor awhile ago and regretting it im going to get another. I can't remember what serial number my old one was but I've noticed there are 3-4 different versions of the BBA - are any better than another? Cant wait to get online again - miss pso
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    Getting my PSP online using a USB adaptor

    ok so i have a wired router for my internet and i bought a usb PSP wifi adaptor. I have installed the drivers for the device and set it up on the PC and i can see the PSP. Problem i have is that i cant get the psp to see the wifi adaptor at all. how can i get this to work ? thanks
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    1 x 32gb microsd in photofast CR5400 adaptor problem

    I have got a 1003 psp and I am running cfw 5.00 m33-6,I have been using a legitimate 8gb Sandisk microsd card through a photofast CR5400 adaptor for a while now faultlessly.I have now bought a 32gb unbranded microsd card off e-bay from a seller with good feedback especially in regard to these...
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