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    Actua Golf

    Note! This title is also known as VR Golf -Super drives: Enter Hacker as a player name to hit the ball over 150 yards farther than normal
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    Actua Soccer 3 Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    Custom Teams Use these names to name your custom teams with: candy man top hats sexy football sink or swim Extra Teams Bonus teams: Enter PREM CLUBS as a team name at the team creation screen to unlock 24 more teams. Joke teams: Enter TFF TEAMS as a team name at the team creation...
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    Actua Soccer Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    Gremlin Showbiz XI team Press R2 + L2 + Select + Up/Left at the title screen. The Gremlin "dream team" will be available for selection. Trick At the title screen hold select and the upper left corner and you will get a super player called Crossi.
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    Actua Ice Hockey Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    Bonus teams Hold Square + Triangle + Circle at the main menu until a confirmation sound is heard. The Gremlin All-Stars and Sheffield Steelers will appear on the team selection screen.
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    Actua Soccer 2 Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    Beach Ball At the start screen press Left, Right, Left, Up, Left, Right, Square, Square. Black & White Color TV Mode At the start menu press Up, Down, Up, Square, Circle, Up, Down, Up. Break Reflectors At the start menu press Left, Left, Left, Circle, Right, Right, Right, Square. Ghost...
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