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    What dreamcast accessory should I get.

    I got some extra money this week so I was thinking the Dreamcast needed something new plugged in. :D I have a VGA box already :D What accessory works with the most games? What one is worth the money? I'm thinking The light gun, keyboard and mouse, the Microphone, or fishing rod. I know...
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    Favorite Dreamcast Accessory?

    The Dreamcast had a ton of accessories made for it which is one reason I think it is such an awesome console. I wanted to know what everyone's favorite accessory is (except for VGA adapter 'cause that's obvious). I nominate the Agetec Arcade Stick. I was really into arcades when the Dreamcast...
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    MGS: Snake Eater gets 3DS accessory set

    Pouch, case and camo skins for handheld update. A Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D accessory set is due to launch ahead of the game in Europe on February 24. Click here to read the full article More...
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