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    PSP Issues Abound Pt. 2: CWCheat freezes PSP when connected to TV Out.

    I'm using 6.20 tn-d downgraded from 6.35 pro b-5. Seems like I keep having issues which everyone here has been so kind to help me with. Here's the latest one: CWCheat started freezing on my PSP Go when I activate it connected to a TV Out. I tried reinstalling using a version supposedly meant...
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    PSP issues abound: Patapon 3 won't load and Remotejoylite crashes most games.

    I am running 6.20tn-d on a PSP go. Patapon 3 was running great on 6.35pro-b5, but now it freezes upon loading. It is a psn download. The only one that won't work. I think my version.txt is set to 6.39 because I can access psn but spoof version is turned off. Also Remotejoylite 0.19 crashes...
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