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    snadisk 8gb card?

    Hi I'm looking for a bigger memory card for my psp. I see that i can get 8gb sandisk cards in buy.com for $55. my question is sandisk cards good with the psp? I remember reading a few years back that we should only use the sony cards. Is this still true? Also whats a good price to pay for a...
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    New 8gb Lexar MS seems slow?

    I just got it, and it seems ALOT slower than my 2gb card, is it just because of the size or is it a crap card. I bought it from walmart lol and it seemed the most legit. Box looked somewhat professional and said it was fast haha.
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    8GB for $17??

    http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.12796 Is this legit?
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    What are your reccomendation for an 8gb microsdhc card?

    i plan on getting this photofast cr-5400 pro duo adapter and buying 2X 8gb microsdhc cards DealExtreme: $4.27 PhotoFast CR-5400 Dual-Slot SDHC MicroSD/TF to MS Pro Duo Adapter (32GB Max) the problem is, i don't know which microsdhc card to get, because there are so many choices. I've read that...
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    PlayMax 8gb Memory Stick PRO duo fake?

    Hey guys I got a new 8gb memory stick and when i check if its magicgate supported it says unknown. However the memory card works I think I will need to use up all 8 gigs to know if its real or not. I am not fully convinced yet that my memory card is fake just yet mainly because I bought it in a...
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