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    Downgrade from 6.XX to 5.50?

    Hello!! Ever since I upgraded my old phat to 6.20 & recently to 6.39, it keeps freezing whenever i exit homebrew or games. Is it possible to downgrade to 5.50 from 6.XX? -I couldn't find a related topic, so sorry if it already exist.
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    Installing using popsloader for 6.XX

    Hi I'm still not entirely sure how to use plugins and I got the pops loader for 6.XX and put it in my plugins folder. I've also tried adding the two lines, -ms0:/seplugins/popscore.prx 1 -ms0:/seplugins/popsloader.prx 1 to either game.txt of pops.txt in various combinations. They show up that...
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    Help with 6.XX Popsloader

    I'm using a PSP-3000 with 6.39 PRO-B6 installed, and the popsloader doesn't work for me. For the record, i'm using the popsloader pack found here (http://forums.dashhacks.com/f118/popsloader-pack-for-6-xx-pro-cfw-t298694/) and am trying to play digimon world 2003. Edit: Oh, and the problem...
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    Homebrew 1.5 OFw on 6.xx

    my original thread: http://forums.dashhacks.com/showthread.php?t=297088 anyways i really want that weather app for my PSP :) im not giving up!!! i have tried aloader (failed - does not work) LEDA cant write to flash? (failed) currently trying other methods. i am running CFW 6.39PRO-B8...
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