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    Is there a game categories version for 6.60 PRO-C ?

    I've been looking but i can't seem to get any version to work on my psp 1000
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    psp-go ofw 6.60 - downgrade to 6.39OFW

    i saw the latest downgrader version release how safe is it for psp-go 6.39OFW will this allow me to play signed games again is the guide to downgrading psp 1/2/3k similar for go or is there a little change
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    TA-088 v3 is there a 6.60 cfw for it

    I have a slim 2001 (02g) with the Ta-088 vs motherboard right now it is running Pro 6.39 Is there a way to run the 6.60 or right now just stay at the 6.39
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    Issues with 6.60 Pro B

    Hi I had a few signed games on official firmware 6.38 on my PSP Go I upgraded to 6.60 Pro B and now no games work I get error code 80010087 game could not be played on official fw I can understand but ain't it supposed to work for 6.60 Pro B?
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    cannot run 6.60 downgrader

    i have a 6.60 ofw installed, i will downgrade it to 6.20 by using the downgrader available. I run the downgrader, and pressed X to start the process, the screen showed "OK, good for launch" ... but the psp will turn black and hang, then shut off. :( I cannot run the downgrader. Please help...
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    Upgrading from 6.39 PRO-B8 to 6.60 PRO-B9

    First of all, is it worth doing? I'm ideally looking to keep up with the latest custom firmware updates and hopefully still be able to use my PSP with my PS3 Secondly, if it is worth doing how would one go about doing it? Is it just a simple case of copying the "Pro Update" and "Fast Recovery"...
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    6.60 pro b-9 Pandora question

    If for some reason all goes tits up at a later date, can I still use a pandora to revert back to an earlier OFW from 6.60 pro b-9 on a fat 1006 Can I create one whilst on 6.60 pro b-9. If so what program do I use ? I had a program to create one when I was on 5.50 prom 4. Can I still use that or...
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    6.60 pro b9 problem

    um i have a problem with my phat psp with 6.60pro b9 and i cant read my iso files in it.... it says corrupted file... can anyone help please
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    from 6.60 pro-b9 to ME

    can i do this? i thin i need ME CFW cuz my pro b9 is not working, it doesnt wanna read iso or recognize them(they show as corrupted files)
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    6.20 PRO B8 to 6.60 ME v1.3 help

    hello guys i need some help on upgrading my PSP to 6.60 ME v1.3 im using a PSP 2001 (ver.1) model so it is fully hackable. i just need the step by step tutorial on how to upgrade from my current CFW to 6.600 ME V13. so any help? thanks in advance.
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    HELP : PSP 3004 Hack, 6.60 to 6.20

    I am completely new to this forum, registered to in the morning and tired searching every topic. didn't find perfect answer. I have downgraded my PSP 3004 6.60 ver to 6.20 version using Davee downgrader. now what should I do to play games in it ? can it play cso and iso both ?? I just put the...
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    PSP1003 6.60 Pro-B9 - Playing CSO files?

    I was going to install Devhook to play CSO files but after looking around I am unsure if this is ok because I have the latest (?) System Software:- PSP1003 6.60 Pro-B9 I'm new to all this so please be gentle. many thanks
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    6.60 PRO-B9 settings issue, any ideas?

    Just installed the aforementioned CFW, and now every option I choose in the settings menu causes the system to freeze, then power down. Any ideas as to why it does that? Also, any fixes? Thank you in advance. The guide I used...
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    Is 6.60 PRO-B9 permanent for PSPgo yet?

    Is 6.60 PRO-B9 permanent for PSPgo yet? And on another thread that wasnt resolved, how do I set my VSH menu so it doesnt come up with select button anymore? Its almost useless now that I have XMB Control 1.2.
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    PSP 3000 and CFW 6.60

    So I want to hack my PSP and the version is 6.60. Where can I find a reliable guide?
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    5.00 m33-6 vs 6.60 PRO-B9, what's the difference?

    5.00 m33-6 vs 6.60 PRO-B9 What does 6.60 PRO-B9 do that m33 dosen't? I recently hacked a PSPgo for a friend using the 6.20 PRO-B9. I noticed that it wanted to use something called the infernal iso engine. So I was wondering, what does the newer CFW bring to the table besides the obvious...
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    3k 04g psp with 6.60 OF

    ok i've been out of the psp scene for a while probally well over a year just bought a new psp from my cuz i used module checker it says its 04g and currently running 6.60 official firmware i need to know what cfw i need and what else to do ty for any help i may get
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    Problem running ISO from PC 6.60 PRO-B9

    Hello, I have followed this guide: http://forums.dashhacks.com/f120/psp-plugins-6-xx-t298933/ I installed Custom Firmware Extender 3.1, extracted all folders correctly and edited text files as needed... Now, when I try to "Remap usb to MS", my PSP freezes and shuts off. I tried CFE 1.9 as...
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    PSP Freezing after upgrading to 6.60 Pro B-9

    So I upgraded from 5.50 Gen D3 to 6.60 Pro B-9 and it all seemed to go rather well. All of my games and homebrew still work, but I cannot click on anything under the settings tab without the PSP freezing and needing a reboot. This also means that I cannot connect my psp to my PC as the USB...
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    6.60 proB9 80020148 error

    I've upgraded from 5.50 Gen-D to 6.60 proB9 but now I can't play most of my ISO's & get the game could not be started (80020148) error. I read in one of the forums that "it is probably a config error/bug and 99% of the time it will be fixed if u "delete flash1 and reset settings" in...
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