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    How to Hack PSP 3004 ofw 6.10 to CFW 6.35 pro B5

    Hi, I am a newbie and just bought a psp and it is 3004 ofw 6.10, I want to hack my psp to cfw 6.35 pro b5, to play iso and cso games. Please give me step by step instructions to hack my PSP. Thanks for your Support.
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    6.35 pro-b5 Psx help

    So I converted vagrant story from a bin to an eboot successfully but when I went into my psp it said the file was corrupted so I looked throughout these forums and couldn't find my specific problem. I changed the folder name from vagrant story to the name psxtopsp gave it but there was still no...
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    can i get ir shell on psp 3000 6.35 pro a2

    plz tell me , i read and searched on internet that latest version of ir shell is 5.2 but its not working , any body can help me , any suggestions, my ofw is 6.35 and cfw is 6.35pro a2
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    Hacking PSP3001 @ Ver 6.35

    RESOLVED! THANKS! Hello, I've tried nearly everything to get my PSP hacked and homebrewed. But I seem to be running into a roadblock here. I got as far as getting temp homebrew with the Everybody's Sukkuri game exploit. But past that, it seems to lose the homebrew and half the programs I put...
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    Need help changing custom firmware from 6.35 Hen to something with emulators.

    Hi. my current psp is a psp 1001, and i would like to have it running a cfw that is capable of running emulators...i would like to run ps1 emulators, nes, snes and gameboy emulators...i currently do not have a pandora's battery my psp is running 635Hen by coldbird and virtuous flame, and...
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    Need Help to Unbrick PSP GO 6.35

    i need help to unbrick my friends psp go 6.35 he tried to update his cfw from 6.20 to 6.35 then it just wont start green power lights only and black screen. can it still be fix? need advice or tutorial on how to fix it. thx u so much
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    PSP 3000 and 6.35 OFW

    Ihave a psp3000 with i believe 6.35 OFW and i just want to know if it has been hacked with a permanent CFW yet, or if i still have to use the temp firmwares?
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    Corrupt Data FFIX 6.35 PRO-B7

    Hey i was playing FFIX today (PSN Version... i saved and it was ok... but when i went to a shop it crashed.. then said that it couldn't read the card... now my save data corrupted... is there anyway that i could save it or have i lost it forever :(
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    Downgrading from Pro B 6.39 to 6.35

    Hey, I want to downgrade my PSP 2003, which is on CFW 6.39 Pro B6 down to version 6.35; this would remove the need to continuoulsy launch Fast Recovery. Can somebody please tell me what I need to do?
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    CFW 6.35 Pro-B6 Plugin question

    So I was looking at the tutorial on how to install plugins on my psp and it said I needed to put my files in a seplugins folder, but I don't have one of those. I assume that older CFW puts this on your psp. Is it impossible to install Plugins with my CFW?
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    can i downgrade 6.35 proB to any lower version in my psp2000 non hackable

    hi seniors plz help me im newbie can i downgrade 6.35 proB to any lower version in my psp2000 non hackable plz guide me
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    i downgrade 6.35 ProB to 6.20 but dont play games :(

    hello seniors i downgrade 6.35 ProB to 6.20 but dont play games :( last 6.35 time games was playing so plz guide me how do i hack 6.20 for play games
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    6.35 PRO B8 Wants permanent firmware

    hey guys just wondering i want custom firmware that stays even after the psp turns off... what is the best way to go with this????? i'm currntly running 6.35 PRO B8
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    A question about Custom Firmware 6.35 PRO B9 BETA

    Hello, I have a PSP-3001 6.35, I hacked my psp as directed as the link below http://psp.dashhacks.com/2011/01/03/hen-homebrew-enabler-for-psp-6-31-and-6-35-released/ But I'm using Custom Firmware 6.35 PRO B9 BETA(PRO UPDATE) Instead of start up minna no sukkiri, I start up Custom Firmware 6.35...
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    psp 3004 pb software ver 6.35 how to play .iso games

    Friends, i just purchase a psp 3004 pb ver 6.35 but i don''t know how to install a .iso games. please help me. thanks in advance
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