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    plz help . pblm in downgrading 6.35 to 6.20

    guys, i have a pblm , when my downgrader launches and after i press x, it gives a blue screen and then says , game cannot be started, what that means , my psp is 3000 with 6.35 pro b9 and i m trying to downgrade to 6.20.. is it corrupt ofw 6.20 file or wat ,
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    PSP Go 6.35 PRO-B4 help!!

    Hiya i recently purchased a PSP Go with CFW 6.35 PRO-B4..NOW im not that familiar with the PSP Go *acking scene BUT i still do put CFW's in my phat PSP so im hoping it wont be to hard for me to learn everything i can..now to my questions.. 1. is 6.35 PRO-B4 the latest CFW?or should i change...
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    Cannot Downgrade PSP 3001 OFW 6.35

    I have a PSP 3001 it had 6.20, but somehow it was updated to 6.30 without my knowing. Since then I update it with 6.35 in hopes to downgrade it to 6.20, but it does not work. I've used the Downgrader 3.1 and 4.1, both do not work. On 3.1 it stops at the "Please wait..." and then shuts off 10...
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    Is fullscreen TV Out possible on PSP Go 6.35 Pro-B?

    I've been researching this, and found this cable, but it's sold out and I live in the US. http://www.digibuys.co.uk/PSP-GO-to-FULL-Screen-TV-Cable-Component-Video-Adapter-p-757.html The only other option seems to be this...
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    Playing UMD w/o updating to 6.35

    Hi all! I was trying to play Tactics Ogre without updating to OFM 6.35. I downloaded and installed Prometheus 4 but the game is still asking for me to update. Am I missing something? Thanks for your time! :D FYI, I was running CFW 5.50 Gen D3.
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    psp 3000 ofw 6.35 cfw 6.35 pro only 3 questions plz

    1... wat cfw should i use for it , should i keep this 6.35 pro or change and y please 2. do i need a separate homebrew enabler along with this cfw . and if i do need wat should b it. 3. whenver i try to sign up in hacked mode for psn , it says http error 5502 , and in unhacked mode it asks...
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    What is better 6.20 TN or 6.35 PRO?

    hi i know that there some different about the 2 cfw, but what i wana know is what is better for some one like me. im currently running 6.35 pro but the problem is some plugin dont work with it. so the question is should i wait on 6.35 pro untill they get better or go to 6.20 tn to make use of...
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    Psp 6.35 Pro help please!

    I was hoping someone here could help me! I've got a PSP-2000 a silver one, and I use the soft mod, the jpn demo + Prometheus iso loader to play games. All has been good until about two days ago, my psp has been acting very weird after I cleaned the screen with water. At first the volume keys...
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    RemoteJoy Lite 0.19 - 6.35 Pro-B4

    Mornin all ^_^ Just thought I'd make sure im doing this right & I don't know if anything differs from the 'Go' but I have installed the Prx for RemoteJoy Lite and tried running either of the exe's to display my psp screen through a Pc moniter but the window continues to say 'Waiting'. The...
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    6.35 pro b-4

    Hi again peeps i havnt been on for a few weeks because ive moved to Papakura, but besides that my gf wants to know if 6.35 pro b-4 is permanent, and yes i have told her it isnt yet, but ill ask.
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    pSp 3000 6.35

    Is there a possibility of a permanent custom firmware for a psp 3000 6.35 ???
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    CFW for psp 3003 on 6.35

    is it possible to get a CFW for psp 3003 which is on a 6.35. and the module is 09g.
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    How to play MAME games on psp 3000 6.35 pro b4

    I have a psp 3001 with 6.35 pro B4 on it, i can play iso/cso, psx, sega games on it , but is there any way or any emulator by which i can play MAME game on my psp. i have already tried out MAME4all v 4.9r2 and pspMame r0.6 but no success. Thanks
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    prometheus 4 --> 6.35 PRO-B5 HELP

    When I try to update to 6.35 PRO-B5, it says that I have version 9.90, and that "There is no need to update". How do i get around this? I remember a loader a while ago, but I forget what it is called, Please Help!
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    yugiho tag force 4 EU not working 6.35 PRO B5

    hey yugiho tag force 4 won't work on my psp....... i'm running 6.35 PRO B5... tried every drive mode
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    Update to 6.35 PRO-B5

    I have not updated my psp in a while so I forgot how to update it.... I'm assuming the best current CFW is 6.35 PRO-B5 I have: PSP 2000, pandora battery, Cfw: 5.50 GEN-D3 How would I go about updating to 6.35 PRO-BR? I tried updating to the 6.38 one but it said my firmware was 9.90, so i edited...
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    Updating from prometheus 5.50 Prome-2 to 6.35 Prob

    Can someone point me in the right direction as to how I can update from my current CFW to the latest 6.35pro? Do I need to install the 6.35 OFW and start all over? Or is there an easier way of doing this? PSP-2000 (WHITE)
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    6.35 PRO-B5 Won't Play PSX GAMES

    On B4 it worked fine but now it gives me an error on all my PSX games (FFFFFF) Help NOT 6.35, I meant 6.20.
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    Homebrew Enabler 6.35

    Im on a psp 3000, all the files where they should be and fully charged, when try to continue on the demo it tries to load and just freezes forcing me to pull the battery. I've seen so many tutorials on this I dont know where im going wrong any suggestions?
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    help for psp 3004 cfw 6.35 a2

    plz help me , i have literally searched all the sections and net , but i dont know from where to download which version of ir shell. i really hope u guys tell me , i have always appreciated it guys
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