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    6.35 PRO-B3 Game Plugins not working.

    Hi, I've been having trouble with Game Plugins recently, they just don't work. I've tried Audioboost (For 6.XX), CWCheat (For 6.XX), TempAR (For 6.XX) and Remotejoylite (For 6.XX). Back when i was with 6.35 PRO-A(1/2/3), if i had any game plugins enabled, none of my ISO's or UMD's would start...
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    downgrade 6.35 to 5.50

    good day to every one.is it possible to downgrade my psp version 6.35 to 5.50 gen b-3?please help!
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    PSP GO 6.35 Pro-B3 question

    ok so i just found out i can put this new firmware on my psp go which i did, and its really good i like it can do alot of things i think? i just dont kno what it can do i was running regular 6.35 Pro which had the iso loader an that was really just about it, but i just wanted to ask what does...
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    Do I need to rehack on 6.35 pro when changing memory card?

    Hello all, I am getting a new memory card for my psp with a larger capacity, and will be giving my current card to my girlfriend for a psp that I just bought her. I am running 6.35 pro b3, and she has ofw 6.35. I was wondering two things: 1: Will I need to rehack my psp when I get my new...
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    6.35 Pro B help please

    Ok its been sometime since i last updated my kids psp it was still on 5.50 ithink. So anyways I updated to 6.35 pro b but every time I turn off the psp it reverts back to 6.35ofw i guess Virtuous Flame & Liquidzigong did this for some sort of reason. But is there a way that I can get 6.35pro b...
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    Cfw 6.35 b3

    Hey, I have a psp 1003, and am currently on cfw 5.00 M33-6. As you can tell by this, I haven't upgraded in a while, but would like to. I would just like to know whether or not I can upgrade to 6.35 B3 fine, and if so, can I also downgrade if necessary?
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    Does 6.35 PRO B support PS2 games?

    Can I play PS2 games on my psp?
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    PSPGO bricked upgrading to OFW 6.35

    So i recently tried to upgrade the firmware of the PSPGO and i wasn't sure if the hen was still on or not, but we couldnt upgrade at the time because it was low on battery and it said it'll auto update when it charges enough, so we leave the house, come back and it told us to call tech service...
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    planning to buy psp 3006 version 6.35 iso tool is it good?

    What is the best version of psp 3006? that can easily be hacked and can play ps1 games, cso and iso? is the 6.35 version okay im a totally noob on psp and im planning to buy 1 within this month and im wondering which is the best, im fix on psp 3006 and i saw it has a version 6.35 in the box, is...
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    Does gpSP work when running 6.35 Pro B3

    Does anyone know if gpSP works with 6.35 Pro B3, or is it just with HEN type stuff? I search the forums high and low and couldn't find the answer. Just wondering if I should bother trying to install it. Thanks very much.
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    6.35 PRO-B3, can't reorganize XMB icons for ISO's

    I use Filer to fix the order (alphabetize) the game icons in the XMB. I put two more ISO's on PSP memory stick (copied them from the internal memory using my computer; it's a PSP go), and suddenly none of the ISO icons want to be moved up or down the list. The two newest ones are stuck at the...
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    PSPgo n1001 - Do i get 6.2 or 6.35 ofw?

    I just got a PSPgo n1001 its on a 5.7 firmware and i plan to mod the psp with some CFW to play my backups and psx iso backups. I see not to get the 6.37 update, but should I get the 6.2 or the 6.35 update? I have a feeling the 6.20 seems better and has more CFW's. What do you think?
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    PSP games using PSPgo and 6.35 PRO-B3

    Im new to the psp mod scene, ive got a pspgo 6.35 pro-b3 running fine.. I got my psx games to work in PSP no problem. I got God Eater BUrst backup as an iso on my pc but cannot figure out how to work it on my PSP. Any tutorial links will be appreciated or sites. I can read and watch videos on...
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    Running Blazblue Continuum Shift II on 6.35 PRO-B3

    Will be buying a PSP Go soon, and I'll be running 6.35 PRO-B3, can anyone tell me if I'll have any issues running Blazblue Continuum Shift II? Just wanna make sure before I go through with the purchase, as I'm only buying the Go for the bluetooth support and if I couldn't run BB it would defeat...
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    6.35 pro b3> 6.20 ofw?

    I'm currently on a PSP go 5g module with 6.35 PRO B3 (Not Permanent) and I would like to downgrade to 6.20 OFW. Is that possible and safe ? Thank you!
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    6.35 connect flash3

    I want to connect to the usb flash3 but it does not connect Is there any way to connect?
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    Can I go online with CFW 6.35 pro-b4?

    If so could you tell me how? Thanks
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    6.35 onto 1003

    Hello, still new to all this. I recently put 6.35 prohen onto my sons 3003 psp. All works fine so somebody asked me to the same cfw onto a psp1003 but i am unable to find the update folder in the game file on this model. There is no chance to run the update folder. Thanks for any help.
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    psp 3000 6.35 pro b9 beta , how to make game categories folders?

    plz help me guys , i have tried everything b4 posting here, when evr i click on ms in game menu in vsh , it gives me my games and homebrew , if i press square , it gives me 5 folders named neogoe playstation one and psp etc , they are present by default as u must know , if i press triangle , it...
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    help plz , regarding opera mini on 6.35

    i m using psp 3003 and i tried to install opera mini on it , but the screen after launching pspkvm just stays black , is there any way to use it on psp 3000 . my ofw is 6.35 and i m using cfw 6.35 pro b9 beta.... i have read some where it doesnt run on 6.35 and i have to downgrade to 6.20 , is...
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