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    Can a PSP 3004 6.31 FW be reverted back to normal after it has been hacked?

    Basicly the title of the topic... It has the Prometheus ISO loader. Can it be reverted back to normal ?
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    PSP 3004 version 6.31

    Hi, I have not been to psp stuff for a long time. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to hack and play iso files from the psp mentioned in the title above? Your help will be appreciated.. Thanks..
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    Can I Run XMB If I'm on 6.31?

    Hey folks, quick question. I'm still rather new to the PSP scene, so forgive me if my terminology is wrong or I'm totally out of date. Basically I installed the HEN for 6.31 (my current firmware) when it came out a couple months ago and it works great. I load prometheus loader and I can run...
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    PSP slim with 6.31 OFW

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I have a 3 year old slim that is rarely played these days. Part of it is because some of my UMDs are cracked and that my favorite PSX games are not on the PSN store despite sony's promises. I heard about CFW before from my friends and stuff, but never...
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    Running BBCSII on PSP Go 6.31 HEN with prometheous ISO Loader

    I'm going to be buying a PSP Go soon with ofw 6.31, but before I do i'm just wondering if I'll have any problems playing BlazBlue Continuum Shift II with 6.31 HEN and prometheus iso loader? I know I've had problems running a few other games before with prom iso loader, so I want to make sure...
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    psp 3004 ver 6.31

    Help me is urgent hi to all members i m new user any budy help me how to hack psp 6.31 ver tell me i m waiting
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    downpatch ofw game? 6.31 to 6.20

    I have 2 games that only play on firmware 6.31 or higher wondering if there is a way to down patch them to work on 6.20 Pro-B6. They are in a folder with a eboot and go in PSP/Game just like ps1 games but they're psp games. Medal of honor heroes 2 and rainbowsix vegas will be back later to...
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    accedently updated to version 6.31, hack is gone

    no it isn't me acctually....it's my lil cousin. he has a 200x psp with full hack that doesn't disappear when shut down, he was trying a "DBZ TAG TENKAICHI" UMD on his psp and therefore he updated his psp to version 6.31, thus his hack is gone. I've search for a solution and i've found that i...
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    Is PSP3003 with 6.31 version hackable?

    Hi, Is PSP3003 with 6.31 version hackable?
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