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    psp 2000 with ofw 6.30, pspident

    I have a psp2000 with ofw 6.30 I read that pspident can only be used on ofw 5.03. but how am i suppose to know if my psp is safe to downgrade /: someone heleeppp ):
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    Corrupt Save Data on Torky's 6.30 plugin

    Hi guys, I have been playing Gods Eater Burst on my PSP-2000 5.00 M33. I found a version where I can the game without freezing. Only the Tutorial section was freezing other than that everything worked fine. I played the game till the last story mission. I beat the boss and then a cut-scene...
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    can i hack psp-3000 6.30?

    I bought a psp and i have OFW 6.30 on it. Is mine hackable? if so how do i go about doing that?
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    HEN for 6.30

    my friend is has psp 3004 and firmware 6.30 is there any way that i can hack his psp ?
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    6.30 OFW I am stuck...

    I am kinda new to this so please bear with me.I bought a PSP last month, 3004 6.30 I am thinking of upgrading to 6.35 and installing CFW 6.35 PRO-B4 (using this video tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aL7g2su64A or the tutorial on our forum...
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    help downgrading 6.30 ofm

    guys i bought a psp 3004 model with 6.30 ofm . can some one help to downgrade it to cfm so that i can play games from memory card.. thanks in advance
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    6.30 Sony Firmware PSP-3001

    Is there any cracks to the 3001 PSP with Firmware 6.30? I ONLY want access to play ISO's. I did a few searches on forums but nothing concrete pertaining to the PSP 3001.
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    How do I downgrade/CFW a PSP 3000 on v. 6.30

    I just got a PSP from gamestop, its 6.30 and i need help downgrading / getting Custom Firmware. thanks a lot :D
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    PSP Go, 6.30

    Just bought a psp go it has the version software: 6.30 on the upper part when sliding the psp open it says psp n1001 not sure if it would help. How can I go about being able to run my isos? Which cfw/hen would I be using?
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    Hacking psp 3000 v 6.30

    i am having psp v 6.30 , please let me know if its hackable?
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