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    psp1000 from 5.00m33-6 to 6.20pro?

    okay i have a psp 3000 and my son has a psp 1001. i run 6.35prob4 which runs fine. i want to update his to 6.20prob4 so he can play newer games. now i tried doing the softmod for the pandora battery but i cant do it on mine. and i don't want to try it on his and just mess it all up. so my...
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    CWCHEAT 6.20PRO help

    i am trying to use CWCHEAT for 6.20PRO-B4, but its not working. (ps1 game) i am using a psp-3000, 4g. i downloaded cwcheat from http://www.psp-hacks.com/file/2020 that link doesnt come with cwcheatpops.prx though, so i had to search for one on 4shared. in my seplugins folder, i have game.txt...
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    upgrade from 6.20pro b5 to 6.20pro b6

    should i do it? and if answer is yes,what is the procedure to uninstall 6.20pro b5 from my device??
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    6.20PRO isn't working my my PSP3000 >.<

    I updated my PSP 3000 from OFW5.50 to OFW6.20, then installed the 6.20 PROB5 CFW...... while it installed, the CFW is crashing on me. Since I haven't installed the permanent patch yet (though I want to) everything works fine in OFW. When I use the installer/launcher, my 3000 reboots into the...
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