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    Resident Evil 0 NPEB02226 01.00 60FPS

    Credit:Randy97Killa Code: 60FPS 0 0019F994 3C004270 0 0019F998 90040064 # Toggle Game Speed 1.75x On/Off (Press L3) 0 00B50914 90FD015C 0 00B50918 3DC0013A 0 00B5091C 93AEFFFC 0 00B50920 3DE0013A 0 00B50924 820FFFFC 0 00B50928 8210015C 0 00B5092C 920FFFF0 0 00B50930 4BC8CA30 0 00B50938...
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    List of 60FPS Dreamcast Games

    Hey guys, I'm trying to compile a complete list of Dreamcast games that run at 60FPS. The list is currently incomplete so please let me know if you know of a game that's missing. Also let me know if any of these are incorrect. North American Releases 4 Wheel Thunder Airforce Delta Alien Front...
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