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    PSP 3001 Firmware 6.0

    After saving money i bought used PSP i want to play iso games and cso games in this please help me. I am new to this stuff. Model - PSP 3001 Firmware - 6.0 Is this Hackable? Please help me with the procedure. I thinks this is the right place to post. if not please gimme location. Thank...
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    is my psp 3002 with 6.0 update hackable?

    Sorry if it has been posted before, I have been searching on forums for the last 3 days. I recently bought a second hand psp 3002, and it has 6.0 update on it, (I am new to all the cfw stuff) if anyone could help me out with a way to hack it so I can run snes, megadrive, N64 games etc, it would...
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