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    3004 psp with 5.70 ofw downgrade

    is there anyone who can help me with downgrading my psp 3004 with 5.70ofw. he is now out of warrenty so i can try the update. thanks in advance
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    PSP-3004 with a 5.70 firmware hack

    Hey. I got my psp-3004 only today and now I want to hack it. Am I able to do this and how? It has a 5.70 firmware. Thanks for your answers! :)
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    PSP Go N1004, DC: 9C, Ver. 5.70 to 6.20. How to start TN-E ?

    Hi guys, I in the past had a 1004 and a 3004. ( Sold both ). Now I've just bought the Go N1004 and it had 5.70 OFW. I've just downloaded and installed the 6.20 from psp-hacks.com I want to know, to start the TN-E do I only need the files in this link: PSPHacks.com - psp 6.20 tn-e released/...
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    psp 3004 slim with 5.70

    hello fellas, i use my psp with 5.70, is there any way do downgrade or upgrade? and then to hack? so long!!
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    HACK FOR PSP 5.70 out?

    Hi Its been over a year I got psp p3003 firmware 5.70 Is there any hack available for this. I seen Hacks for firmware 6.20 etc, if i upgrade my firmware can i use them? Chicken hacks are boot up kind of hacks. My worry is If i upgrade, will I lose the chance of permanet hack? and...
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