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    psp 5.03 GENC...

    psp 5.03 gen C(full) showing corrupted data after copying the iso from pc.. please help me..
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    Fusa Gamepad freezes in 5.03 gen c psp - 3000

    I turn on Fusa Gamepad from the XMB and connect it to USB. However, it hangs on connecting screen. WIndows does not recognize it but Games do. I have tried disabling all plugins to no avail. Currently using PSP 3004 5.03 gen - c (DT mode). I know it's a little bit outdated but any help would be...
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    phat psp from 5.50 to 5.03

    hello,i have psp-fat,i was playing iso games but when i upgrade to 5.50 i dont.is there any way to play with 5.50 or what should i do?pls help..:sleep::sigh:
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    5.03 gen on psp 3000 wont play umd 3.95 madden 09

    I just modded my psp 3000 yesterday and I can't get my madden 09 retail copy to play and it only requires a 3.95 firmware. Does anyone know what to do because I can't find the answer. I have gen-c full on psp3000. I've researched error codes.
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    PSP 3000 BSOD 5.03 Gen - C

    Hi I am currently using a PSP 3004 with 5.03 Gen C. When I turn it on I get a blue screen saying "PSP setting information is corrupted. Press O...." in many different languages. When I press O, the PSP reboots and I get the same screen again. I cannot access anything. Please help! EDIT : Tried...
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    updating psp 3k 5.03 prome 3

    i wanna update to 6.20 pro-b4 permanent i got 2 qs 1.am i better off stickin to 5.03? or should i update to 6.20 pro b4 ,i hav a psp 3004. 2.how do i uninstall 5.03 prome?? so i update to 6.20 ofw nd then jus install pro b4?or am i missing nethin els?
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    PSP 3004 5.03 Slows after hack

    My psp slows after i load custom firmware chicken. i dont know how to overclock my processor pls help....
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    changing ofw 5.03 to 5.50 kernel.

    I've been using prome 4 untill yesterday when it crashed. And it reverted back to 5.03 ofw. btw I changed my firmware via chickhen>gen-c>prome 4. my friend told me that chickhen was unstable and is causing my hack to revert back to ofw. I was told that 5.50 kernel was stable. So I would like to...
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    PSP 1000 on 5.03 unable to use ChickHEN R2

    Hello Chaps, I'm having a problem getting chickHEN to run on my PSP. I honestly don't know if i'm going about this in the right way, as all the information i find is pretty old. I pulled out my old PSP fat (that i haven't used for over a year) and it was running firmware 4.0 something, so i...
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    5.03 Gen C error code 80020148

    Hey folks, I just bought a PSP and have 5.03 gen-c installed and can play games but every once and a while the games will stop loading for no apparent reason and give me the error code: game could not be started 80020148 If I remove the game from my memcard and then put them back on from another...
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    Psp 1004 ofc 5.03

    Greetings, i today obtained, PSP 1004 with OFC 5.03. so i got question wahts the best CWF is for taht psp? wihtout needing to make pandora battery. EDIT: maybe i will be able to put on the psp the 5.33 M33 cfw?
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    application/plug-in question for 5.03 prometheus-4

    i have a question about the 5.03 kxploit what is the latest version of it? and can i used it on my psp 2006 5.03 gen-c/prometheus-4. can i used hide folders v2 english and dayviewer.. and if i can used 5.03 kxploit plz give me a tutorial of it tnx any help appreciated
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    To update or not from 5.03 OFW

    Hi there, I would like to hack a psp 3004 with 5.03 OFW, will you guys recommend to upgrade to a higher FW or to keep the current one? What would you do? Thank you for your support.
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    is there a new hack for 5.03?

    is there a new hack for 5.03? im using hen then 5.03 gen-C....but its lagging...my psp turns into very slowmo...cant even play games....or should i patch it into a new firmware?
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    6.20 and 5.03

    I have a perm. 6.20 PRO-B5 on my PSP 3001. From my understanding the non perm. CFW is installed on the flash and runs on top of your OFW (after you activate it). So is it possible to have my 6.20 and 5.03 as that firmware you have to activate each time (so I can run more custom apps)? Or do I...
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    Help: PSP2000 5.50 ofw downgrade to 5.03

    guys i need some help. is there any means of Downgrading psp2000 5.50 to 5.03 without using Pandora battery? i looking forward for your comments and suggestions. thank you.. :(
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    5.03 GEN C PSP-3000 model user looking to upgrade

    I am not a noob, and I do know how to read the tutorials, but I am very much paranoid. I read http://forums.dashhacks.com/f127/determine-if-ur-psp-is-hackable-start-here-t235073/ to see if my model can be upgraded to a new CFW, and it said yes. Checked out...
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    Downgrading/Reverting PSP3000 6.20 Firmware Version back to 5.03 Custom Firmware Hen

    Guys does anyone knows how to revert back or downgrade a PSP3000 from its original firmware 5.03 chickHEN support, I accidentally updated my firmware to 6.20 and chickHEN does not support that firmware version. Also PANDORA's BATTERY is not working for PSP3000. Is there any way I can revert...
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    How, recovery mode in 5.03 MHU

    Hello, I recently got CFW on my PSP. This is ChickHEN with the 3.6 Enabler (system info says 5.03 MHU) This is not a permanent hack and so if the PSP is completely turned of it switches back to OFW. I want to go to recovery mode to enable cxmb (because I want a custom theme on my psp :) The...
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    5.03 Prometheus Update Help

    I am currently on 5.03 Prometheus and am wondering if all of my homebrew apps/games/plugins and ISO's will work if I update to 6.20 PRO. According to PSPident, I have a PSP 3002 (3g)and my possible firmware is 5.03 HEN and up. I would also like to know if there is any reason to update in the...
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