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    5.50 Prometheus back to 5.00m33-6

    Prometheus is being a pain, saved games won't work and are all corrupted, cheats freeze the game and it takes forever to find a properly patched game. Anyone care to help?? Having trouble downgrading. I know it has something to do with Hellcats recovery..or something, anyway, a step by step...
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    Help with 5.00M33-6

    Hi i haven't been using my PSP for over a year and now am starting to get back to it. I have a PSP-2001 the silver slim one the first batch of slim PSP released. And i am at a crossroads and do not know what should i do should i say on this firmware? I tried to install prothemus -4 for 5.00m33...
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    psp1000 from 5.00m33-6 to 6.20pro?

    okay i have a psp 3000 and my son has a psp 1001. i run 6.35prob4 which runs fine. i want to update his to 6.20prob4 so he can play newer games. now i tried doing the softmod for the pandora battery but i cant do it on mine. and i don't want to try it on his and just mess it all up. so my...
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    WWE 11 not starting up on my psp 5.00m33-6

    After psp logo loaded it shows black screen for few seconds and psp turning off. Help
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    Need help upgrading from 5.00m33-6 to PSP CFW 6.20 PRO-B5

    Hello, I haven't played my psp in a long time and finally get the chance to play again. Could you help me with upgrading my firmware from Need help upgrading from 5.00m33-6 to PSP CFW 6.20 PRO-B5? I'm on PSP-PHAT right now. Thanks!
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    A game not showing on 5.00m33-6

    My GTA Chinatownwars.cso not showing on psp 1001 5.00m33-6
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    My gta vcs is slow on psp 1001 5.00m33-6

    When i was playing gta vcs something slow and sometimes stuck and psp restarts But i dont have stuck with Tekken 6 and Assasins Creed Bloodlines pls what is the problem I have psp 1001 CFW 5.00m33-6 with Prometheus 3
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    Music while playing 5.00m33-6

    Im running 5.00m33-6 on my sons and mine psp, was wondering what program you the community can reccomend for playing music while in game? There seems to be many options but Id prefer getting a reccomendation from someone who uses one etc. I appreciate it
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    Anyone with 5.00m33-6 going online with Little Big Planet?

    If so, how? I have PSNLover installed but it still gives me this message. "A system software update for the PSP system is required. For update methods refer to the instructions for the PSP system." Any help would be much appreciated!
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