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    The 3rd Birthday [JAP][ULJM-05798] CWCheats

    The 3rd Birthday [JAP] CWCheats thanks to 2ch community: _S ULJM-05798 _G The 3rd birthday _C0 99999 money _L 0x014AAF04 0x0001869F _C0 BP _L 0x214AAF04 0x0098967F _C0 weapon circle _L 0x114A1538 0x0000000F _C0 weapon triangle _L 0x114A15C0 0x0000000A _C0 weapon square _L 0x114A157C...
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    Parasite Eve The 3rd Birthday [JPN] CWCheats [ULJM-05798]

    _S ULJM-05798 _G PE 3rd Birthday [JPN] _C0 99999Mmoney _L 0x014AAF04 0x0001869F _C0 HP _L 0x2016D3D4 0xC48E0370 _L 0x2016D3E0 0xE48E036C _C0 BP _L 0x214AAF04 0x0098967F _C0 Inf Weapon Bullets _L 0x114A1538 0x0000000F _L 0x114A15C0 0x0000000A _L 0x114A157C 0x00000018 _L 0x114A1604 0x00000017 _L...
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    Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday [USA] CWCheats [ULUS-10567]

    _S ULUS-10567 _G Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday [USA] _C1 Inf AMMO & Grenades _L 0x114A1F7C 0x00000063 _L 0x114A20BC 0x00000009 _L 0x114A2004 0x00000063 _L 0x114A1F38 0x00000063 _L 0x114A1FC0 0x00000063 _C0 Exp Max _L 0x214AB900 0x001A3EC0 _C0 Liberation Max _L 0x014AAB0C 0x00000000 _L 0x014AAB0D...
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    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd [DEMO] [JAP] [NPJH-90146]CWCheats

    _S NPJH-90146 _G MHP3rd [JAP][DEMO] _C1 ** MAX Items in Inventory ** _C1 1st 16 items Max [2 pages] _L 0x113240EC 0x00000063 _L 0x113240F0 0x00000063 _L 0x11324100 0x00000063 _L 0x113240FC 0x00000063 _L 0x113240F4 0x00000063 _L 0x113240F8 0x00000063 _L 0x11324104 0x00000063 _L 0x11324108...
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    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd [JAP] [ULJM-05800] CWCheats

    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd [JAP]CWCheats _S ULJM-05800 _G Monster Hunter Portable 3rd _C1 MONEY 9999999 _L 0x213A5E24 0x0098967F _C1 Item Porch MAX _L 0x813A8D4C 0x00180004 _L 0x00000063 0x00000000 _C0 Item1 99 _L 0x113A8D4C 0x00000063 _C0 MAX Fri _L 0x20123C5C 0x05F5E0FF _C0 MAX Fitness _L...
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    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd [ULJM-05800]

    _S ULJM-05800 _G Monster Hunter Portable 3rd _C >>> General Cheats <<< _C0 Money 9999999 _L 0x213A5E24 0x0098967F _C0 Yukumo Farm Point 99999 _L 0x213A5E1C 0x0001869F _C0 Guild Point MAX _L 0x213A5E1C 0x0098967F _C0 Auto Recovery HP _L 0x10D41596 0x00000096 _L 0x10D41598 0x00000096 _C0 Infinite...
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    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Gets Its Own Memory Stick

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    3rd Party PSP Battery?

    I have a PSP 3000 with a official battery but it only lasts me 4.5 hours (1200mAh) . I'll be flying this summer overseas and i thought that its time for a new battery that could last me longer.So here is my question, Do 3rd party PSP batteries work as good as the official 1st party batteries...
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    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

    as the title says i got no intro in Monster Hunter 3rd i only see black screen but i can pay
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