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    Where should I buy a 32gb memory stick from?

    I recently got a 32gb Lexmark stick from Newegg, but it was DOA. After it got refunded I saw there was a official Sony 32GB Memory Stick HX, but I don't know where else to buy it from other than Ebay which is loaded with fakes from hong kong and such. If I wanted to get a good 32gb card where...
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    1 x 32gb microsd in photofast CR5400 adaptor problem

    I have got a 1003 psp and I am running cfw 5.00 m33-6,I have been using a legitimate 8gb Sandisk microsd card through a photofast CR5400 adaptor for a while now faultlessly.I have now bought a 32gb unbranded microsd card off e-bay from a seller with good feedback especially in regard to these...
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