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    planning to buy psp 3006 version 6.35 iso tool is it good?

    What is the best version of psp 3006? that can easily be hacked and can play ps1 games, cso and iso? is the 6.35 version okay im a totally noob on psp and im planning to buy 1 within this month and im wondering which is the best, im fix on psp 3006 and i saw it has a version 6.35 in the box, is...
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    Need help in PSP 3006

    hi I enable to hack till 6.20 TN-B but no matter What loader I use Prometheus ISO Loader or aLoader I still unable to load the games.
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    Psp 3006 - 5.55

    Okay. im a newbie here. this is my first time having a psp. now, I dont wanna buy some UMDs to play. I want to play games using my memory card. now, I've followed lots of tutorials but nothins happenin. I think I need to leave this to the PROs. I got PSP 3006 System Software: 5.55 do I need...
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