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    Can a PSP 3004 6.31 FW be reverted back to normal after it has been hacked?

    Basicly the title of the topic... It has the Prometheus ISO loader. Can it be reverted back to normal ?
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    Is there an REAL cfw for psp 3004 ??

    I mean that is there an cfw for psp 3004 (3000) which is permanent not temporary like TN or PRO b 3 ?? Currently i am on 6.35 PRO b3 ___________________________________________________________________ psp : 3004 TA - 090 v2 AkA brite 6.35 Pro b3 3004 gt5 edition 5.70 ofw
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    PSP 3004 version 6.31

    Hi, I have not been to psp stuff for a long time. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to hack and play iso files from the psp mentioned in the title above? Your help will be appreciated.. Thanks..
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    How To Put PSP 2004 (TA-085 V1) Mother Board in PSP 3004?

    hi Guys Today i bought a PSP 3004 I Try To Hack it But Useless So I planned To Change The Motherboard i remember that i have my old psp 2004 with TA-085 V1 so Help me Guys And Show Me How To Change The Motherboard If Its Video It Will Be Better And Thanks :)
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    i updated 6.37 at 3004 is any solution to play games

    i updated 6.37 at 3004 is any solution to play games ? Any format of games but not umd's because it's very costly :-( i don't know much more about psp know only little bit about hack but i just read here that it 's not possible to hack 30o4 :( so what's the solution please help i'm much worried...
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    PSP 3004 5.03 Slows after hack

    My psp slows after i load custom firmware chicken. i dont know how to overclock my processor pls help....
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    HELP : PSP 3004 Hack, 6.60 to 6.20

    I am completely new to this forum, registered to in the morning and tired searching every topic. didn't find perfect answer. I have downgraded my PSP 3004 6.60 ver to 6.20 version using Davee downgrader. now what should I do to play games in it ? can it play cso and iso both ?? I just put the...
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    reset a psp 3004

    i try to hack my psp but i don't success now i want to reset and return it back like how i opened in the first time?
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    psp 3004 ver 6.31

    Help me is urgent hi to all members i m new user any budy help me how to hack psp 6.31 ver tell me i m waiting
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    psp 3004 confusion

    one of my frnd bought a psp 3004 with 6.39 it was hacked by the seller itseems there are few pre loaded iso which he is able to play. It says 6.30 PRO-B7 Now he wants to play some older games of god of war , burnout series etc.. can i use my old images downloaded for my 5.03mhu or have to do...
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    3004 09g Best OFW+DualCFW Combo

    Sup Dash-Hackerz, I'm an old Faithful Dash-Hax user of CFW M33 Days on PSP Phat+Slim 2000, so i'm not completely helpless. ._.; I'm wondering whats the best plug-in/ISO compatability combo Currently on OFW6.39-CFW6.39 PROB9 I Mainly only use MHP3-HGC2.3? Savestate+Menu and CFE-3.1 for...
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    3004 psp with 5.70 ofw downgrade

    is there anyone who can help me with downgrading my psp 3004 with 5.70ofw. he is now out of warrenty so i can try the update. thanks in advance
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    Psp 3004 Hack Help

    hello. i recently bought a psp 3004. then i upgraded my firmware to 6.38 from the official site. now that i want to play games on it, i can't after downloading it from this site. so can some generous soul point me in the right direction. i will be very grateful. peace
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    PSP 3004 5.70v. Is it hackable?

    It is almost 1 and half year of wait and i guess now is the time to hack my 3004 psp with 5.70 firmware. Is the news on this firmware true that it should first be updated to 6.20v and then hacked to a homebrew? please suggest me if this news is true then to which version should i update 6.20...
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    Psp 3004 brick

    Plz help me my psp 3004 cfw 5.03 brick ony sony log show and then off please help me
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    help for psp 3004 cfw 6.35 a2

    plz help me , i have literally searched all the sections and net , but i dont know from where to download which version of ir shell. i really hope u guys tell me , i have always appreciated it guys
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    How to Hack PSP 3004 ofw 6.10 to CFW 6.35 pro B5

    Hi, I am a newbie and just bought a psp and it is 3004 ofw 6.10, I want to hack my psp to cfw 6.35 pro b5, to play iso and cso games. Please give me step by step instructions to hack my PSP. Thanks for your Support.
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    NDS Emulator for PSP 3004?

    Hi. There has been some time since I last visited this site. Now I have some catchin' up to do.. For my question, is there a NDS Emulator for the PSP? I want a really good one because i felt like playing the new pokèmon game. I have a PSP 3004 PB Slim & Lite with ChickHEN R2, 5.03 GEN-C...
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    help - psp 3004 firmware corrupted

    I recently restore to default settings my psp but before it finished resetting the screen hang up and shut down. when I rebooted it still stuck on the reset but the screen freeze. is there any way I can reformAT MY psp, I'm using 5.03 gen - c.
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    which motherboards can be used in psp 3004

    can you tell me the name of mother boards that i can use
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