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    Need a quick answer. Psp 3003 + cfw

    Hi guys. Can anybody tell me if its possible to hack a psp 3003? I need a quick answer because im bidding one on ebay. Its a 3003 with 3.9 m33-3 on it. I want it to play birth by sleep and maybe the new final fantasy when its released. I dont have a pandora battery and dont eeally want extra...
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    Recommend a decent battery for 3003?

    Guys, Can anyone recommend a decent PSP battery around the 2200-2400mah mark that actually works and lasts as long as it should. Preferably one that fits the same way as the original Sony 1200mah does without sticking out and requiring the extended battery compartment lid. Ive bought a couple...
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    Iso on 3003 6.37

    i just managed to convert an iso (of a game that i own) to e-boot then sign it and play the game on psp 3003 ofw 6.37 has this been dun before and is this some thing i shud be talking about on this site and shud i post the signed game for others to play???
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    PSP 3003 Firmware 6.38

    I buy PSP 3003 & I already update 6.38 firmware... any suggestion how to downgrade my PSP???
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    psp 3003 version 6.37 advice

    I'm really sorry about this as i am a noob but i need some advice on weather you can downgrade this version or not so i can homebrew it. I done some research and in some places it says you can but need to do surveys to get the software and in some places it says you can't. I have a pandora...
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    CFW for psp 3003 on 6.35

    is it possible to get a CFW for psp 3003 which is on a 6.35. and the module is 09g.
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    Psp 3003 6.29 ofw

    can it be hacked to cfw? if so, how thanks much appreciated
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    PSP 3003 Gran turismo Edition ME 6.39 Not Working

    I Have two psp's for my sons i have folled many tutorials on here i have used 6.35 B8 But i would not recognise ISO Files in the ISO Location on either psp so i thought id update to latest LCFW ME, still no luck the games are on the memory card but dont appear in the memory card section on the...
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