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    psp 3002 hack

    i have a psp 3004 with 6.60 i hack it but i don't know if this work when i copy some of games to his SD card it not work what the problem ?
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    psp 3002 help

    I dont want to beat a dead horse to death:sigh:, and please dont criticize me for not reading the tutorials, i've read a few (a lot are kind of dated with some new innovations and what not), but am a NOOOOB!!:bucktooth: So, PSP 3002 with OFW 6.39 and 03g module. Question; is it hackable, if so...
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    PSP 3002 and OFW 6.39

    Firstly I will say I am not a "n00b" more an "out of touch" user when it comes to the PSP hacking scene. I use to own a PSP 2000 which I remember flashing with M33 firmware, Pandora Battery and Magic Memory Card. I have just purchased a PSP 3002 on OFW 6.39 and with all the different...
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    is my psp 3002 with 6.0 update hackable?

    Sorry if it has been posted before, I have been searching on forums for the last 3 days. I recently bought a second hand psp 3002, and it has 6.0 update on it, (I am new to all the cfw stuff) if anyone could help me out with a way to hack it so I can run snes, megadrive, N64 games etc, it would...
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