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    questions about 3000s

    Hi, I've had a slim for years, but now the screen has died so I want to get a new PSP, and I see that it's all PSP 3000s down at the shop. Anyway, before I bought one I just wanted to check - Once you hack the 3000 is it basically the same as running cfw on a slim? Like, isos work, and...
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    I'm so confused about the 3000's

    I heard about a permanent cfw that was released for the psp3000. The current firmware that I have on my psp is 5.03 and I have the temporary cfw and it works but I would prefer to have the permanent one. Why is it that most threads say to downgrades to 5.03 even though that one doesnt have a...
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    What firmware do the brand new 3000's have?

    After some further research, I determined that it'd be much to get a 3000 than a 2000 with a fully hackable motherboard. All I need to know is what firmware a new 3000 comes with so I can either get a brand new one or find a used one with an older firmware.
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