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    PS1 S-Video cable for better video quality 240p

    I'm looking a sweet cable for my PS1 because I'm rocking the Sony PVM, Its the shit when playing classic games Dreamcast's 480p Hi-Rez out put is the best of its generation that's why it can look so sweet on our shity LCD's and Plasma fucking crap. :roll: The Sega Saturn and the PS1 - PS2 don't...
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    240p Games on Dreamcast list

    I'm rocking S-Video and and the image from Gunlord is 240p and the scanlines are awesome, :D are there any other low rez games on the Dreamcast? Some I know: Gunlord Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Mars Matrix Fast Striker
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    240P Test Suite Before & After TV Settings

    Hey people, I have been dialing in my TV settings using 240P Test Suite, and figured I would post some notes and my before & after settings. Setup: Dreamcast<>"Madness Gameware" VGA box<>Startech MXT101MMHQ10 VGA monitor cable<>46" LCD SAMSUNG LN-46A650 A1F Originally, before I had the...
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