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    Wii U may be 1st console to run MMORPGs 'without making sacrifices'

    Funcom thinks the tablet controller is "perfect" for the genre. Joel Bylos, lead designer at Anarchy Online, Age Of Conan and Secret World developer Funcom, has said he thinks Wii U could be the first console to play home to the MMORPG genre without making sacrifices. Click here to read the...
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    tactics ogre let us cling together crashes on the 1st real battle, help !

    i downloaded the usa and eu version of the game and used iso tool prometheus to sort it out its all fine till the first real battle just goes to a black screen and shuts my psp down, I am using 5.50 gen d (full) and I can play other games fine its just I want to play this one :P if anyone could...
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    Metal Slug: 1st Mission Cheat Codes for (Neo Geo Pocket)

    Alternate demonstration Go to the set up menu and change the button configuration so that you will jump with A. Have the game play by itself and the demo will do some unusual things. | [Sent by DayleJ] Alternate female character Successfully complete the game to unlock an alternate version...
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