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    Memory cards - 16gb not enough

    OK guys, One more question from noobla (me) I have upgraded my official firmware from 5.01 to 6.2, then installed the permanent 6.2 PRO B4 CFW Games are running fine. However I have only got a 16gb memory stick and most games iso files are about 1gb. That means I can fit around 16 games on...
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    Memory Stick pro duo 16GB

    Right, im meeting some guy tomorrow who has 10 of these cards. €50 each or all for €400 ($70 each or all for $550) What do i need to do? I'm bringing my psp, cybershot camera and laptop, gonna check if it'll take more than 8GB then try run it on my PSP. Any other tips before i fork out the...
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    16gb memory stick HELP!!

    I just purchased a Lexar 16gb memory stick, and put a bunch of games and homebrew on it. The problem is, it seems that the PSP isn't reading data past the 8gb mark. It won't show all the things that are on the stick. Has anyone else ran into this problem? I am running 5.0 M33-3 on a phat. If...
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    HELP questions about 16gb sony pro duo memory stick

    I brought two 16gb pro duo off ebay. I know that it might not the REAL and it's just an knock off, but how could i tell. Ok to the question. I formatted it and put iso games in it, but it only show the frist game the rest are all corrupted data. Yes, it's in the right folder and it's CFW 5.00...
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    WINTEC FileMate 16GB MicroSD Card-It-All Adapter Kit Model 3FMUSDCK16GB-R

    Anyone have any experience with using this product with the PSP? I am basically looking for some feedback on how well it works and too see if it would be a good cheap option to have 16gbs of space on a PSP. Link-> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820161340 Any input...
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    Best 16gb memory stick to get?

    Need one for my PSP 1000 Need a good brand with a good price and fast read/write speeds
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    16GB memory stick help!!

    hiya im planning on buying a 16GB memory stick just wanted to know a few things... - are they reliable to use now?(for games specifically) - i saw there are different types of 16GB mem sticks (Pro Duo, Pro Duo Mark 2, 200x 30MB/s Ultra 2Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, etc..)...whats the...
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