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    Please help - Noob - psp fat 1004 firmware 3.03 hack

    Hy. I have 24 hours to decide do i take this psp for me , i am looking at guides and they all say i need gta liberty city for this firmware or lumines for 3.5 but i have only vice city :/ Is there any new way of hacking , can i hack this psp to install custom firmware? Thanks a lot
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    psp 1004 wont charge

    the battery is working,there seems to be nothing wrong with the charger,i think the part of the psp where you plug in the charger is broken,cant really tell untill i try another charger,any advice?
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    Does PSP Go!Cam 450 work on PSP Fatboy Version 1004? - Not duplicate post

    First, I deleted my other post with this question as it did not really belong in the same post that was concerning software related issue. I am willing to upgrade my son's psp fatboy to 6.31 prome-4 in order to use the Go!Cam 450 and invizimals. However, I dont want to go thru that effort...
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    Psp 1004 ofc 5.03

    Greetings, i today obtained, PSP 1004 with OFC 5.03. so i got question wahts the best CWF is for taht psp? wihtout needing to make pandora battery. EDIT: maybe i will be able to put on the psp the 5.33 M33 cfw?
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    hacking psp 1004 6.00 ofw

    what is the easyest way to hack a psp 1004 with 6.00 official firmware without pandora and demo games?
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    PSP Model 1004 bricked

    Hi there!! This is my problem: I bricked my PSP model 1004... don't know for sure what 'caused it... i was trying to load a Demo from the game PATAPON 2 and it kept giving me an error message that "it wasn't possible to start the game"... i tried it 3 or 4 times and it always hapened the same...
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