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    3004 09g Best OFW+DualCFW Combo

    Sup Dash-Hackerz, I'm an old Faithful Dash-Hax user of CFW M33 Days on PSP Phat+Slim 2000, so i'm not completely helpless. ._.; I'm wondering whats the best plug-in/ISO compatability combo Currently on OFW6.39-CFW6.39 PROB9 I Mainly only use MHP3-HGC2.3? Savestate+Menu and CFE-3.1 for...
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    psp 3000 with 09g module question

    I have a psp 3000 with 09g module and 6.39 ofw. I downgraded to 6.35 after viewing some youtube video. Where do I go from here (I want to just play psx/snes games)? The other videos I saw said you can't downgrade to 6.2 if you have 09g module. Is their anything out yet? Edit: I'll try and...
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    Hacking My PSP 3000 09g

    OK just got my Daughter a new PSP 3000 09g I installed 6.39 LME-8 and changed the settings in video when you hit select button but every ISO i put on my psp iso directory says it's corrupt. Not sure what I'm doing wrong is there a better customer firmware that is easy and will work with all...
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