Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
A Prickly Situation (55 points) Walked into the Spiniferous Thornweeds.
A Secret Entrance (55 points) Found a Mysterious Cave Entrance.
Dead End Dancer (55 points) Danced in the Dark.
Fast Feather (55 points) Defeated Whisper in the Duel of Speed.
Froggy Throat (55 points) Tried to Catch a Toad, Got a Frog in Throat.
Graham the Basilisk (55 points) Walked on Water.
Helping Hat (75 points) Saved a Picnic, Got a Wedzel Patch, Completed the Potion.
Horn Blower (55 points) Blew on many Horns.
In The Mouth of Danger (55 points) Walked into a Dragon's Mouth.
Misteak (55 points) Fed a steak to a Wedzel Wolf.
Napping on the Job (55 points) Took a Brief Nap.
Opening Knight (55 points) Opened door to Achaka three times.
Purple Badger Don't Care (55 points) A Dyed Badger ate Bees.
Strong Minded (55 points) Defeated Acorn in the Duel of Strength.
That's the Ticket (55 points) Presented an Eye to enter the Tournament.
The End? (100 points) Told the Story about becoming a Knight.
Unicorn Snack Food (55 points) Was a Snack for a Majestic Unicorn.