Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock Points
A Winner is You... Win a Match on Versus Mode (either Local or Online) 10
Can't stop the Rock! Acquire all upgrades for Fries 30
Elite Player Finish the game in the Elite Difficulty Setting 90
Faster than Bolt! Acquire all upgrades for Izzy 30
I don't believe in Magic Finish the Game without using Magic (Super) 90
I'm on fire! Acquire all upgrades for Oak! 30
Just chillin'30 Acquire all upgrades for King 30
Just normal... Finish the game in the Normal Difficulty Setting 10
Not so Hard... Finish the game in the Hard Difficulty Setting 30
Power of Love Finish the game with a couple 10
Show me the money! Acquire all upgrades for all characters (unlockable included) 90
You've got a Friend Finish the game with 2-4 players in co-op, either local or online 30