Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
2018 Champion (200 points) Complete the campaign.
All boosted up (20 points) Open 100 booster packs.
Beaten the Unbeatable (100 points) Get a score above 90 on Magic Train.
Big Spender (10 points) Spend a total of 50000 prize money.
Claim your bounty (10 points) Open a booster pack.
Collectathon (100 points) Get every Rider Equipment card.
Dedication (100 points) Open 250 booster packs.
Enter the arena (10 points) Complete 1 ride in arcade mode.
Environmental hero (20 points) Recycle 100 cards.
Excellent form (20 points) Place first in a campaign stage.
Experienced (10 points) Upgrade a rider with a Rider Level card.
Gearing up (10 points) Equip an Rider Equipment card on a rider.
Getting started (10 points) Complete a ride.
High roller (100 points) Earn a total of 1 million in prize money.
Hoarder (20 points) Have a total of 100 000 in prize money.
Kicking off (10 points) Complete a campaign stage.
Live and learn (10 points) Get bucked off 100 times.
Maxed out (100 points) Upgrade all riders fully.
On the road (10 points) Complete 10 campaign stages.
Perfect ride (20 points) Score 90 points plus on any bull.
Practice makes perfect (20 points) Complete 100 rides in arcade mode.
Qualified rider (20 points) Complete a ride with every bull.
Salvager (10 points) Recycle a card.
Seasoned (20 points) Complete a ride with every rider.
Top of the line (10 points) Upgrade one rider to max level.
Veteran rider (20 points) Complete 27 campaign stages.
World traveler (10 points) Complete a ride in every arena.