Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
Brighter than sunshine (100 points) Clear all reversed levels.
Earth again (100 points) Unlock earth r.
Faster Than Light (40 points) Clear level without using drop of light.
Gravity free (40 points) Clear a level without jumping.
Meet Venus (50 points) Unlock Venus.
Meet the Earth (50 points) Unlock the Earth.
Meet the Sun (50 points) Clear all normal levels.
Mercury again (100 points) Unlock mercury r.
Near the Sun (50 points) Unlock the Sun.
Neet Mercury (50 points) Unlock Mercury.
Space Crashers (40 points) Destroy more than 500 blocks.
Start the journey (50 points) Clear level m1.
Still Alive (40 points) Warp 10 times from top to bottom at once.
Super Moon Boy (40 points) Jump over 200 times.
The Dark Moon Rises (100 points) Clear level sr10.
Venus again (100 points) Unlock venus r.